Bright Hope of a Nation

Dreams of our father,
hope of our mothers.

The moving prayers
of generations in the
land of honor and

Throwing the feathers
of violence away,
writing the script of
peace sending the
guns astray.

Lifting our eyes to
the light and
progress of the day,
chasing the shadows
of violence from the
coast of the night.

Let His Spirit heal our
Let love and unity
purify our thought
for the progress of
our land.

Let’s bury the past to
its cave,
let the glory of the
future rise in the
atmosphere of
the present

Ogunniyi Abayomi was born July 11, 1991 in the city of Lagos, where he resides. He considers poetry as a page of his life and aspires to create positive values to the world as a poet. Read other articles by Ogunniyi.