This Is the Left?

Just to take one, admittedly small sample, this article, like so much of the MSM and their political lackeys, wants us to believe that The Left in the UK (and supposedly in Europe) are shocked!, dumbfounded! that something resembling a democratic process could have exposed its complicity with the neo-liberal agenda that is tearing the world apart.

They’re as busy as bankers (many of whom, I suspect, have done very well) trying to cover their losses in credibility as being bastions against the ravages of their covert allies.

How can a group like Left Unity criticize the Leavers for wanting nothing more to do with neo-liberal policy, a position they supposedly despise?  Who cares if the people who want to do away with the heavy, secretive hand of the EU are from the right or left?  Left Unity complains:

“In Brexit Britain, we still face austerity, poverty and extreme inequality: the rotten policies of our government are still here,” Left Unity’s executive committee said. “We deeply regret that the working people of Britain have been deceived and manipulated into believing that Brexit will bring about relief from the grinding austerity that is destroying lives and communities.”

As if the vote could magically change overnight the results of decades of patient work by the US and its paid colonial supervisors.  Who are these people?  When was the last time they ever stepped onto a shop floor or were let go from some ill-paid job?  Wake up, kids!  Democracy is messy, slow.  It’s hard work.  It takes courage to face the monied interests running a country.  Take a look at what happens in the land of your Big Brother sponsor.  Defy the system and you’re either beaten, kettled, or killed.

Or take a look at Greece.  Is that what you call Left Unity?  Tsipras sold out, Varoufakis slipped off into some EU reform netherworld, and the Greeks are left holding the bag.  That’s what you want?

And that’s only a small part of the article.  You’ve got to read it to believe it.  I can’t believe, nor do I believe, that this is what passes for the Left anywhere.  These people are as fraudulent as the bankers who probably fund them.

Steve Church is a former teacher, skipper, and sheep herder living in France. Email him at: Read other articles by Steve, or visit Steve's website.