The French Protests: May 26

May is the season of protests
in France.

Remember the flaming 1960s?
its repercussions?
the ferment?
the turmoil?

May 26, 2016, no different
the protesting streets exploded
anger was in the stratosphere
palpable, visible

workers brought down the barricades
faced the batons and the tear gas of the police
but refused to be cowed down by this state terror

the workers erupt in fury, only there
in Paris
something to do with the French soil?

The nation—heir to the French Revolution of 1789
has been a cradle
a crucible
of radical change
crucial transformation.

A mosaic of nationalities
Paris toasts the love and romances life

along the banks of the River Seine
walk the beggars and philosophers and tourists
a level playing-field for all the sections

and it implodes with rage—at any lingering injustice.

More power to the French!
Show the way to the others
as it did earlier with ideas and praxis.

The passive world needs
such a massive protest
such a fierce rage
against an unjust social order
that exploits the remaining 99 per cent.

Sunil Sharma, a senior academic and author-freelance journalist from the suburban Mumbai, India. He has published 20 books so far, some solo and joint. He edits Setu: Read other articles by Sunil, or visit Sunil's website.