Religion, Angel Lucifer

Building beautiful castle
Writing wonderful epistle
Preaching amazing peace
Teaching confusing piece,
Singing melodiously to God
Living harmoniously to sword
Praying earnestly for doom
Hoping entirely for gloom,
Working assiduously on blood
Sweeping men like flood,
The book of quiver
The litany of fever,
Religion, Angel Lucifer.

Unkind to mankind
Ugly like a bully
Hate and cheater
Blindness for godliness
Wayward and untoward
Deceiver and betrayer,
Wicked and crooked
Protester and waster
Heartless and meaningless
Rebel and babel
Killer and destroyer
Harmful and lustful
Religion, Angel Lucifer.

Chained, a slave
Cuffed, a suspect
Locked, a prisoner
Bound, a captive
Stranded, a stranger
Hopeless and helpless
Wreckless and restless
Confused and conquered
Wondering and wandering
Guilty and unpretty,
Hunted and haunted
Taunted and tormented
Weird and absurd
Religion, Angel Lucifer.

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a Nigerian poet/writer/thinker who has published over 180 poems in over 13 countries and featured in over 25 international anthologies. Her three poetry books and a coauthored poetry book are available on Amazon. Read other articles by Ngozi Olivia.