Is a Brexit all that dangerous?

This is getting really frustrating.  We’ve got a “security” agent, employed by a British outfit, shooting up a bar in Florida.  A British MP is murdered by one of her own constituents.  The US teams up with the Middle East’s former masters, the Brits (again), to recolonize that part of the world.  The US teams up with the French in a joint effort to recolonize former French interests in Africa so as to enlist the French in Libya’s destruction, along with other subsidiary projects (TAFTA/TTIP/TISA, Russia sanctions, for example).  The US has somehow strong-armed Germany into doing its economic dirty work all over the EU.  And all this doesn’t include NATO’s expansion eastward.

If the US hadn’t had the EU in its pocket, a lot of this could have been avoided.  But when you consider that the EU is an American invention, it makes a little more sense.

Financing Hitler and letting the Soviet Union, who actually won that war, incur the major costs, weakened both Europe and the Soviet Union.  Western Europe was easy pickings.  Throw enough money their way, corrupt the financial and political elite, submit the masses to the “wonders” of the “American Dream” and voilà! Bob’s your uncle, mission accomplished.  The Soviet Union was a harder nut to crack, but the US found their man in Gorbachev then, even better, in Yeltsin, and the Soviet Union was open for business.  The problem was, the Russians (like a lot of people around the world), have long memories and are not afraid to consider or analyze their history, unlike most Americans who, so distracted by their society of spectacle, seem to have lost any capacity for reflection, or even common sense.

So we have the US consolidating Europe under the control of unelected proxies established in Brussels, taking orders from the “good little Eichmanns” (thanks for that, Ward Churchill), the thousands of well-paid corporate lobbyists/enforcers and, if that wasn’t enough, we have financial predators like Soros making sure that useful idiots anywhere are found and supported for inciting the “color revolutions” anywhere possible.

Just like the Shrub’s infamous binary “with us or against us” vision of the world, the US has used its various interventions to create this simplistic interpretation, most recently applied to the Brexit campaign and the shallow arguments for and against.  And even then, the arguments are muddled.  The Remainers are afraid, on the one hand, of losing status, of becoming “Little Englanders”. I’m not sure what status they’re talking about, unless it’s the status of being one of the world’s best known financial criminals.  Or being the US’s best fed lapdog.  Jo Cox was murdered supposedly for being willing to welcome the refugees her own country helped create.  Her concern for these refugees is laudable, but did she ever question their reason for being refugees in the first place?  So we have a “Welcome Refugees” MP – a position espoused by what’s called the Left these days – afraid of leaving the EU for solidarity reasons?

On the other hand, we have the Leavers who are disgusted by the corruption in Brussels and would like to regain a bit of national autonomy.  Whether these people are willing to distance themselves from DC is another question, and given Corbyn’s capitulation to the Remainers’ camp, I suspect we have another Sanders type Judas Goat situation.  Plus, the Leavers’ campaign has been captured – in the Press, and by extension, in the popular imagination – by xenophobes and racists, thus leading pc liberals to distance themselves, or at least to question the consequences of a Brexit..  As if a minuscule, extreme right wing minority was suddenly going to run the entire country.

The Brits could do Europe, and maybe even the world, a favor by leaving.  The days of Empire, of US hegemony are coming to a close.  If the British want to avoid the “Little Englanders” label and become part of a new, humane future, they should leave the EU, refuse the closed-mindedness of binary thinking, and in the process, begin the long struggle to repair the social contract.  They just might find they have a lot friends.

Steve Church is a former teacher, skipper, and sheep herder living in France. Email him at: Read other articles by Steve, or visit Steve's website.