The Crisis of Democracy

This week we look at the current turmoil in South America, where the so-called “pink tide” is beginning to recede in Venezuela and Brazil as the United Snakes seeks to exploit political and economic crises for its geopolitical gain.

For the musical break, we’ve got Calle 13, with La Bala.

Next up, we pay homage to the Oaxaca Commune, ten years later…. and finally we wrap things up with an interview with Cesar Chavez, a teacher from Oaxaca from Section 22 of the CNTE.

These are the tracks we used:

  • XOC – Super Mario Theme
  • Blue Cat – Playing Hard to Get
  • Immortal Technique (feat Da Circle & J Arch) – Rebel Arms
  • Run the Jewels – All My Life
  • Calle 13 – La Bala
  • Immortal Technique – The 3rd World
  • Immortal Technique (feat Brother Ali, Chuck D & Killer Mike) – Civil War
  • MC B-Ga – Yo Soy Mexico
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