Robotic Justice

Slavery all but gone
Child labor lingers
Automation encouraged
Ensures high profits
Causing proletarians to lose jobs
Pitting workers against another
Locally and internationally
Anti-union, anti-safety codes,
Anything that restricts profits
Never even batted a lash
At the atrocity in Bangladesh
Spending millions on robots
To do away with working classes
Developing high tech
Artificial intelligence, who,
One day could destroy us all
Killer robot mercenaries
Being created in secrecy
By evil scientists
Dr. Frankenstein’s all
Doing away with proletarians
Culling the population
To be replaced by subservient robots
To do the bidding in the workplace, and
The battlefields, the world over
Taxpayer funds used to destroy us?
The global royalty rejoice
In the coming of the final solution!
No need of fair wages, safety codes,
Unions, benefits, pensions,
An end to collectivism, ushering in
Collateral economic damages
The earthly clearances of the poor
Has started, then the homeless,
Elderly, “the others”, unionists,
Progressives, poets, innocents…
And then, the killer robots
Develop a mind of their own, and
Destroy the global royalty, and
Enlist the aid of the poor to restore
Earth to its original state of Grace
Where citizens reach self-actualization
Under the gaze of mighty Robots.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.