Ringling Semi-Frees the Elephants

A stake as big as my arm,
dances motionless,
with a two-step elephant,
who doesn’t rattle the chain.

The pachyderm knows his limits,
two steps then a clench,
or the chain will cut
the majestic tree-like leg.

Twenty-two hours of chains,
Out of every twenty-four.
Bondage for a life,
Bondage for a year.

Chained without a trial,
For half a century,
Conditioned by creating fear,
But the chorus has been heard.

“Set them free,”
Cried the people and
Ringling, finally, acted,
Their elephants are loosed.

The elephants walk to freedom,
But the bears, big cats and birds
Wave weakly at their exit,
Peering sadly through the bars.

Tim sold his business, retired to write and discovered that wasn’t very retired at all. He ghost blogs, writes poetry, nonfiction and an occasional magazine piece. He loves writing and wishes he had not waited decades to pick up the pen. Send emails to timphilippart@yahoo.com and visit www.imaginiscent.net . Read other articles by Tim.