1945 Nazi Crackdown: Yes, We Can Reshow It!

Five days before the celebration of the 71st anniversary of Nazi Germany’s capitulation to the Soviet and allied troops in the WWII, the new NATO Supreme Commander in Europe Curtis Scaparrotti announced that he came to beat the drums of war again. Ignoring the historic facts and legitimate Russian interests in its around, in his first speech after assuming office he condemned alleged “Russian aggressive behavior that challenges international norms” and called the bloc members to “fight tonight if deterrence fails.”

This commonplace declaration fairly correlates with the military and media strategy the Western ruling class adopted decades ago. Even putting aside the well-grounded argument that the very appearance of Hitler as the Fuhrer of the Third Reich in humiliated post-WWI Germany was a carefully planned and carried out operation of the US military intelligence to set it against the Soviet Union, the full collection of the available facts evidences that the nucleus of Nazism was thoroughly fostered deep inside the Western ideological centers all time long since its formal defeat in May 1945.

There is no paradox here: striving for global dominance was (and still is) the idee fixe of many elitist groups in the history of mankind, and in such retrospective the phenomenon of German Nazism should be considered as a mere tool in the hands of its instigators to reach this objective. Despite some tactical difficulties (e.g. in March 1939 Hitler suddenly launched his own game but was brought back into obedience by May 1941), the general development of the global conflict in the middle of the 20th century was admissible for the elites.

fimf_4-768x554Lord Keynes addressing the Bretton Woods Conference

The key challenge the authors of Bretton Woods were facing since the beginning of  the talks was the sovereign attitude of the Soviet delegation. They had to lure the Soviet Union to enter this draconian system by any means. As Stalin and his envoys did not show any visible intention to be tempted by the carrot, Wall Street had to take the stick. The idea was to reach a separate truce with Wehrmacht on the Western and Southern theaters to reinforce German Eastern fronts (quite notably, the documents related to Operation Sunrise in March 1945 are still not declassified by the United States, so this Wiki article has no more than an introductory value). Due to the timely counter-operation by the Soviet intelligence and following a harsh diplomatic exchange, the truce talks in Lucerne, Switzerland, were suspended, but clandestine Nazi-American contacts proceeded. As a matter of fact, since the  end of March 1945, without any formal truce, the German troops started massively surrendering to Anglo-American forces and the latter rapidly advanced way to Berlin to meet the Soviets on Elbe on April 25, 1945.

002-675x1024One of the Operation Unthinkable files.

Once the “German factor” disappeared, the “Allies” hurried to secretly elaborate a new war plan to militarily defeat the Soviet Union, exhausted by the four-years-long dramatic campaign. The Operation Unthinkable dossier was declassified in 1998. According to it, on July 1, 1945 the “Allies” planned to commit a strike on the Soviet forces in Europe and key industrial areas within the territory of the USSR. The objective was to “impose upon Russia the will of the United States and British Empire”.

So in the summer of 1945 Wall Street planned the same Barbarossa 2.0 aggression against Russia which their frantic creature Hitler launched four years before. The reason why the plan was never put in practice is that the Western military experts evaluated “the balance of forces” in Europe insufficient for effective rapid defeat of the Soviets. The United States already exclusively possessed the A-bomb, and hoped that this threat would impress Stalin to ratify Bretton Woods. The Potsdam episode, however, proved the opposite so the United States decided to make this threat more vivid. The collateral 200 thousand Japanese causalities did not mean a lot for president Truman in his Big Game for the hegemony of the Federal Reserve.

The full scope of the consecutive Cold Combat (after Stalin definitely rejected ratification of Bretton Woods Agreements in December 1945) is beyond the scale and ambition of this article. The fact, however, is that the grandiose and on-going media operation to equal Stalin and Hitler and to review and distort the basic truths of the modern history in the minds of the “educated” people worldwide is just a single dimension of the global elitist’ agenda to suppress the leading reluctant power standing on its way to unbounded dominion over the world. The instruments of establishing the dominion are the same: creating a controlled chimeric project (whether Al-Qaeda or Ukrainian Nazism) and playing the role of “peacekeeper” and “philantrop” in the bloody chaotic conflict.

To those who review the history, fight the monuments, rewrite the history textbooks and insult the memory of the perished, we have a simple answer: yes, we can reshow it!

Yes, we can fertilize our soil by the corpses of thousands of the new “civilizationers” who dare to “get the world rid of the Russian barbarians”.
Yes, we can punish any degenerate who thinks he is a master of the universe and leader of an “expectional nation”.
Yes, we can bring life and hope back to any place devastated by the counter-cultural savages like that was a case recently in Palmyra.

And yes, we definitely can protect this planet against a handful of greedy maniacs who challenge by their totalitarian ambitions the future of our diversified and beautiful world!

Andrey Fomine is the founder of the open dialogue research journal Oriental Review where this article first appeared. Read other articles by Andrey.