Cutting through the Democratic Party Deceit

The Democratic Party, operating from darkness as is its wont, is still blaming Ralph Nader for their defeat in 2000.  A piece at Politico begins “The Clinton campaign has a question for Bernie Sanders: Are you to become “a Ralph Nader and try to destroy the party?”

Where does one begin to expose the deceit in this?

Ralph Nader has more integrity than does the entire Democratic Party, from its corrupt, lying bosses to its many ignorant followers.  It would have been a good thing had Nader destroyed the Democratic Party, but it is still functioning to sell out the working class, election after election.

And shame on Bernie Sanders for suggesting that the Democrats should stand for something higher than whale poop.  I can see why that would bother Hillary’s disgusting campaign staff, playing as they are with a stacked deck of superdelegates.

Modern Democrats adhere to the premise that no elected Democrat may propose to stand for anything higher than whale poop because the Republicans won’t let them.  The smart thing to do, they have convinced their addle-brained minions, is to accept the Republican platform, which is something, as Hillary likes to say “That can be achieved,” unlike that which Sanders is suggesting.

For example, it is achievable to pass Obamacare, because it came from Republicans like Mitch Romney and earlier Richard Nixon.  Yes, it gives nearly all the money to giant corporations rather than to actual health care organizations, and the bottom tier insured can’t use it because they can’t afford the deductibles and co-pays, but it may be packaged as an “accomplishment,” with which to fool the Democratic faithful.

Democrats blame Nader for Al Gore’s defeat in 2000, which is ridiculous.  Gore should be responsible for Gore’s defeat, since he stood for selling out the working class with NAFTA and defended the horrors of the Clinton regime, where he served as vice president and didn’t raise a peep as Big Media and the Banksters were deregulated to keep the masses ignorant and screwed.

Poor children were thrown into the streets with “Welfare reform,” a smiling Gore cheering it on. Gore himself admitted that he had a horrible environmental voting record when in Congress, defending it by saying the people of Tennessee expected him to vote that way.  If so, one wonders why he lost the state of Tennessee in his presidential run, whose victory would have won him the presidency despite the Supreme Court’s awarding Florida to Bush.  The people of Tennessee may not be as stupid as Gore suggests– can he also blame Nader for that?

Now we have the shameless Hillary Clinton asking that we vote for her because she has a record which she claims qualifies her, even if that record stinks.  First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary all were disasters for the American people and many now dead abroad.  She is very much like Gore in mouthing what the people want to hear while selling them out, but according to Democrats we are to believe that Nader swung the election around to Bush, for some reason.

Voters, by this logic, are not allowed to cast ballots for what they want.  They must vote for people who will pretend to be different than Republicans like Bush, while mimicking their actions. The big problems with Bush being elected, we are told, are things like his illegal invasion of Iraq, and his Patriot Act.  But Hillary enabled Bush to do this with her Senate votes for the illegal invasion of Iraq and the Patriot Act, so where do people find a difference?   Democrats are playing the same broken record this election, offering little more than if you vote for Nader, Bush will win, as they have since 2000.

The promises are discarded after the election anyhow, as anyone following the current President may attest. So despite polls showing that the American people want the wars stopped, not one of the major party candidates has suggested they will defer any of the wars and pull in the reins of Empire by shutting down overseas bases, which could free up enough wealth to actually do something meaningful for citizens. Instead, they say if you don’t vote for the Demlicans, the Republocrats will get in as their only reason many say we should vote for them.

I have already voted for Jill Stein in the primaries and hope to have a chance to vote for her in the general election.   Unlike the two corporate party candidates, she says she wants to shut down the wars.

What the Democrats are missing by saying the Republicans won’t let them do anything is that the President is the Commander in Chief.  If the president orders the troops to come home, they must obey.  Nothing in the Constitution says Presidents have to engage in endless war because it might offend the Republicans if we stopped them.  Jill Stein knows this, why can’t the Democrats see it, if they truly want to represent the people?

And for those who drone “But Jill Stein can’t win” ask yourself what you are winning by electing Hillary or The Donald?  I have watched for many decades as elections come down to voting for perceived lesser evils, and it has now reached a point where the Democrats are at  least an equal evil.

Jack Balkwill is an activist in Virginia. He can be reached at Read other articles by Jack.