Civilization: This!

And then God said
Let there be seekers without sight
We lived in ages dark
Hunting mammoth questions
Burning in our confused fears

And then God said
Let there be answers sieved through night
We lived in age of reason
Building bridges up to the sky
Thinking we got it all together

And then God said
Let there be a test of your heart’s delight
Pouring forth much and more
Power, glory, almost immortality
Upon ant shoulders to bear

And then ants said
Let there be a real show of our might
Create gods, destroy creation
Reinforce our reign on all, alike
Humility must be met with nuclear

Sun went black
Moon went red
Oceans roared
Earth confessed
An abomination unspeakable
To witness this civilised dance
Seems a nightmarish trance
And no more real than horror tales

Yet ants went on to say
Ours is Time and Space
Nature a useless canvas
We need concrete goals
Nurture is for weaklings
We need daily death tolls
To rule by fear, not love
Deceiving symbol of dove
Now only serves pageants,
Product sale and Parliament
Of fouls. While we fish for
Perfect pose, perfected pouts
Bedroom lights never go out
Skeletons stacked in closet
We exhibit their sheared flesh
For more and some more and
Some more fame
Some more gold
A few more blind fans
A few delusion lame
To push and push and push
Further down the festering within
Only focus on the outer screen
Projecting one’s terror on other
Heap up disjointed limbs up to heaven
To climb the heights of humanity
To rule the spans of Universe
Ants descend
To depths of super-ant-ish arrogance
Ignorance laughs!
It reigns
Feeding on the pupil of ant eyes
And false pride of species so dumb
Until one day we find
Only ant hills – termite ridden
Maggots crawling on corpse of civilisation

Before that day hope God says
Let there be some sanity and light
Break our knee caps so thick
With Thor’s hammer hitting
Humanity below the bloated belt

To save a species
To sacrifice a few fools
To war and plague
Ice age and quakes
If heaven decides, so be it!
Since pride is undone only by pain
And ants don’t see that war is no gain
If blinded eyes need opening
Only through Nature’s hand gouging them out
So a thin film of humble reality
Be inserted into plastic heads
So be it! Let God say
Let there be so much well-deserved plight
Upon my warring children I so wish to break
To bring them back to Life
To bring Peace back to a lost paradise.

Nivedita Dey is a full-time poet and an English postgraduate from India with a burning passion for both Poetry and human Consciousness evolution. She writes to express her inner world in pursuit to impact the outer world with hope and humanism. She has been previously published in several reputed national and international magazines. Her works can be found on her poetry blog. Read other articles by Nivedita, or visit Nivedita's website.