$Campaigns and $Elections

“Promises, promises, promises” morphing into big lies—
January snowing “appointments” of Wall Street guys
Bloody war criminals wedded in one Plutocratic Party
Warring their way to banks, laughing loud and hearty—
Playing a most reliable con game of bait and switch;
Sorting out which warlord faithfully serves the rich…

Their nonstop, smokescreen $elections and $campaigns
Red, white and blue Kool-Aid—for bathing of brains
With blather, drowning out the resonant radical voices
With Thug-in-a-Rug-Golda-Plated Iron Lady “choices:”
Mike and Ike, good cop, bad cop foils from the jump—
Bogeymen like Bush, McCain, Romney, and Trump!
Absent independent politics—November sows danger:
Reaping crimson “hope and change,” like Drone Ranger…

Pentagon pimps propagandizing through the Apollo
Proving again, where cash flows, “leaders” will follow—
But the 99% need not wait every four years to mobilize:
Strikes, boycotts, rallies, marches that build—organize,
Raise consciousness, raise money, canvass, phone bank
For salt of the earth, the masses, grassroots—the rank!

Former forklift driver/warehouse worker/janitor, Raymond Nat Turner is a NYC poet; BAR's Poet-in-Residence; and founder/co-leader of the jazz-poetry ensemble UpSurge!NYC. Read other articles by Raymond Nat, or visit Raymond Nat's website.