U.S. Initiates Nuclear War against Syria

U.S. Airforce A-10 Warthogs struck Allepo on February 9 when Russian planes were out of the area. Instantly, western propaganda went to work framing Russia, both for wonton aerial bombing of civilians and for destroying two hospitals. There’s nothing new with this.

Blaming a third party to avert responsibility for clearly criminal behavior is not just psychological warfare but standard psychopathic behavior. Framing Russia to provide political cover for U.S. military aggression is standard fare at the Pentagon’s Department of Psychological Warfare, and it’s been going on since its inception way back in 1943.

Worse, the heavily militarized corporate media neglected to warn the world that Warthogs shoot nuclear-tipped bullets that poison the environment for millions of years. Grossly deformed babies are being born across the Middle East in the wake of using these extremely poisonous uranium shells, starting with the Yom Kippur War, then escalating dramatically in Desert Storm. Now, a dozen countries have been poisoned by these U.S. weapons of interminable destruction.

By shelling Allepo with A-10s, the U.S. has begun a nuclear war against Syria. You don’t need atomic bombs like the one dropped on Hiroshima to start a nuclear war. Nuclear fallout by itself is devastating and utterly unconscionable.

Like the victim countries before, Syria will be most likely abandoned by the international community. Meanwhile, a psychopathic cult of Neoconservatives are free to strike whatever countries they choose next. Some of the public watches in horror, while most live in the clouds, unaware they are acting as pawns parroting propaganda from Fox News and the other militarized media cartels.

Even the so-called public broadcasters sing the songs of western war propaganda. For instance, the CBC immediately claimed that Russia denies bombing Allepo in spite of “overwhelming evidence.” No actual evidence has been presented because the war of propaganda is a war of words not evidence.

Propagandists blame the public for their own gullibility. These highly paid perception managers or information warriors, as they like to call themselves, wipe their hands free of guilt by explaining that it’s up to the public to solve the problems created by its own credulity and blind following.

Schools don’t have classes or programs that teach people how to watch out for deception or how to test one’s own inclinations for being duped. With such classes we could address sticky issues like the refrain, “it’s easier to convince people of a lie than it is to convince them that they’ve been lied to.”

Why? Once we fall prey to a lie, our ego will defend it so not to lose face. The ego would rather suffer a bit of delusion than accept fallibility, the idea that we could be wrong. Thusly, war propagandists jump on this weakness, which enables them to enlist an entire army of public supporters for war by simply convincing them to believe the “latest breaking news.”

According to polls, 40-year CBS News anchorman Walter Cronkite was considered the most trusted man in America. Just before Cronkite died, a journalist asked him why he thought he was so trusted. Cronkite reflected for a moment then offered that it was because of his “ability to tell lies convincingly.” Cronkite held America in the grip of a fictional reality, a world where warmongers could “pied piper” America into invading country after country across the globe.

Endless credulity is fertile soil to endless lying. Endless lying is essential to creating the fog of war, an atmosphere of poor vision and confusion that lends itself to inciting endless wars. The endless cycle of wars seems hopeless. People often say that they want to crawl into a hole and pull the lid over.

Yet, as soon as we clearly identify a critical problem like credulity, we can start to move to correct it. Firstly, we need to come up with some creative ideas. To start, why don’t we petition the United Nations General Assembly to declare war on gullibility, a psychological weakness that leads generation after generation towards war? High schools around the world need to tackle the problem. The United Nations might serve as a coordinating body for a world wide effort.

More immediately, we need to address the critical issue of the U.S. terrain-poisoning nuclear weapons. Understand that poisoning the land indefinitely creates permanent refugees in Syria. Emptying a country of people serves the military objective of destroying a nation state while creating a geographical void in which wealthy global corporations can raid the natural resources without resistance.

This may seem utterly sinister. Yet, wars of aggression such as this are soaked in depravity. The United Nations has recognized this and have aptly named this conduct “wars of aggression.”

For the decency of humanity, you can fight back. The more people that are aware of the depravity of the situation, the more difficult it is for warmongers to advance their agenda. The Neoconservative agenda is nothing less than global slavery, a planet where the masses have no place to run and escape.

Expose their plan in the Wolfowitz Doctrine. Expose their goal of world domination in the Project for a New American Century. Expose their machinations emanating from the Council of Foreign Relations and their flagship newspeak magazine, Foreign Affairs.

Read the Top Secret declassified 1950 National Security Council Memorandum – 68, which calls for extending the gap between the world’s rich and the world’s poor and calls for creating the Cold War as pretext to hide upcoming U.S. wars of aggression. Spread the word on websites like Dissident Voice, CounterPunch, Global Research, and Information Clearing House. Go to Paul Craig Robert’s website. He worked in the Reagan administration. Even Vladimir Putin appreciates his insights.

This is going to take up much of your time. The only thing left you need is a 48 hour day, so you can attend marches against nuclear war and other group endeavors that address other misadventures by maligned personalities. In the end, if you can only manage to do a little, it is much better than doing nothing.

Bo Filter is a social scientist, speaker, and author of The Cause of Wars and Aggression: Book 1. Read other articles by Bo.