The Crazies are Coming, the Crazies are Coming!

That, of course, is not true. The Crazies are here and have been in power since Ronald Reagan was elected President of the USA.  Their craziness became obvious when Reagan ignored his personal beliefs and the beliefs of all conservatives and began spending federal money like there was no tomorrow.  Fiscal prudence was totally ignored because the USA and the Western World were in the severest economic downturn since the Great Depression and things were getting worse by the day. Workers were getting angry, very, very angry, they wanted jobs and would not stand in soup lines, sell apples on street corners and ride the rails looking for work, as they did in the past. The people behind Reagan, The Powers That Be (TPTB) knew that something had to be done quickly to calm the people or they would demand jobs or social programs so they could lead decent lives.  They were not going to quietly tolerate another Great Depression.

TPTB had Reagan explode the federal budget deficit and spend the money on military equipment and personnel in what became the largest peacetime military buildup in the history of the United States. That grew the GDP and the multiplier effect made it grow faster. But, as everyone knows, it is impossible to borrow and spend your way to stability and prosperity; at some point the borrowed money has to be paid back, with interest.  Or, inflated away or renounced, which are not pleasant national experiences. TPTB knew, and still know, that the country could not earn its way in the world by living off newly created debt, so something had to be done to make the day of reckoning move into the distant future until they found a solution that would not jeopardize their positions of power and wealth.

They had poor Ronnie demonize government, saying it was the enemy of the people, not their friend.  Ronnie, who believed trees polluted the atmosphere, lapped up the nonsense and spoke out vigorously against government.  He did not understand that government is just a tool people use to solve problems they cannot solve as individuals, or as families or as small communities. In those cases they are not able to build a national highway system, mount a credible national defense or negotiate with foreign nations, among many other important things. Ronnie did not understand that at times people need a big tool, such as in times of war, and at other times need a small tool, as in times of peace.  He could not understand that a tool can never be your enemy, it is just a tool. He could not understand that a gun, a tool, is not your enemy, it is the person holding the gun pointed at you and squeezing the trigger that is your enemy. Demonizing government served an important purpose for TPTB. It convinced many Americans not to look to government to solve their problems, even their unemployment, hunger and homelessness problems.  Ronnie did well, he should have received an Academy Award for his anti-government performance in a leading role.

TPTB knew that they were just buying time.  Debt was still piling up and would have to be dealt with in the future, with unpleasant consequences for everyone, including themselves. They had to find a way to get Americans to not demand social programs when the economy collapsed, as it would, under the weight of all the newly created debt and how to deflect Americans’ anger about the collapse away from TPTB to someone else. TPTB had Ronnie demonize all social programs, all forms of socialism and socialist countries, but especially the Soviet Union. With Ronnie’s good performance and the mass media’s coverage of it it was not long before it became shameful to be unemployed, to be without money, to be hungry or homeless.  It did not take long before the public believed the unemployed and homeless were just lazy, they could find jobs if they really wanted to, despite there not being enough jobs to go around, as attested to by the unemployment numbers.

TPTB then had Ronnie attack socialist countries and countries trying to bring in socialist programs.  On June 8, 1982 Reagan in a speech to the British House of Commons, declared that “…..Freedom and Democracy will leave Marxism and Leninism on the ash heap of history.”  In early 1983 Reagan called the USSR “the evil empire” and called for the development of a Star Wars missile defense system that would make a US “first strike’ missile attack on the USSR feasible. Evidence has emerged that the CIA was behind the Korean Airlines 747 airliner entering restricted USSR territory and getting shot down by the Soviet military in September of 1983.  Reagan, of course, went ballistic and demonized the Soviet Union for the act.  In late 1983 the US military invaded Grenada and deposed the socialist government, against international law.  The excuse given was that the socialist government was building an airport that could be used by Soviet bombers.  It was being built to entice tourists to the Island.  In December of 1983 the US mined the harbours of Nicaraguan ports, contrary to international law, cutting off the import of fuels, essential items and weapons needed to stabilize the country, which was fighting guerrillas funded by the US.

By early 1984 the message to the world was very clear; Reagan and his handlers, TPTB, hated socialism and would not tolerate it in the Western Hemisphere.  They would ignore international law and destroy it and the people that led it or supported it where ever they found them.  No means were too vicious, cruel, hideous or insane, from raping and killing nuns to murdering an Archbishop at his pulpit to torture and mass murder.

With Reagan’s and TPTB’s insane anti-socialist mindset firmly implanted in the consciousness of the world, but especially in the minds of leaders of the USSR and other socialist countries, NATO, led by its leader the US, launched Operation Able Archer in Western Europe on November 11, 1983.  Able Archer was a 10 day operation that simulated a full scale coordinated military attack on the Soviet Union, including the use of nuclear weapons. It had been preceded by almost three years of psychological operations (PSYOPS) in which NATO military forces stealthily accessed waters close to Soviet military bases to demonstrate how close they could get, and US bombers frequently flew directly toward the Soviet Union to test it radars and to demonstrate US capabilities in a nuclear war.

On August 11, 1984 Reagan, supposedly in jest, spoke into a microphone supposedly believing it not working and said, “My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you today that I have signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever.  We begin bombing in five minutes.”  If anyone believes this was unintentional, there are people that will gladly sell them toll bridges.

Seven years and 4 months after that statement by Reagan the USSR was dissolved by declaration no. 142-H of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union.  Prior to its dissolution it had suffered severe economic hardships when its command economy did not obey commands or was given wrong commands.  That has never been adequately explained.  After dissolution the member countries of the former Soviet Union chose to become unrestrained free market capitalist economies rather than copy the eminently successful social democratic economies of their neighbours in Western Europe.  No explanation was ever offered, by anyone, why this disastrous choice was made.  The countries were immediately looted of assets and they all sank into the worst peacetime economic catastrophe in human history.  Many citizens lost their life savings when banks stole their money, workers often went months without being paid; unemployment, hunger and homelessness soared, as did violence of all sorts.  The life expectancy of citizens in the Russian Federation fell an astounding 4 years between 1992 and 1994.  The full scale of the catastrophe can be read here.

A crime against humanity was perpetrated upon the citizens of the former Soviet Union. Millions of people died early deaths and millions of others had their lives ruined.  We do not need Sherlock Holmes to solve this crime.  It is obvious who did it.

About 40 years ago the Crazies slithered out from beneath the rocks and other dark, damp, slimy places where they have resided since the beginning of time.  They told us that if we forget everything we had learned in centuries of trial and error, of war and grief and gave them power they would lead us to the truth which would set us free in a world in which material goods and jobs were abundant and everyone was happy.  They called it “supply side economics.” All we had to do was trust them, put them into power then stand back as they did their work.  Many of us believed and trusted them.  When in power they immediately began buying successful corporations, splitting them up, selling the parts, pocketing enormous profits unconcerned that innumerable employees of those corporations lost their jobs when their employers downsized and took on enormous new debts. Not satisfied with these enormous profits the Crazies demanded that our governments enact new free trade laws.  Free trade, they told us, was a “Win, win,” situation; all parties benefited from free trade. They lied; our well paying jobs went to low wage countries, foreigners made fortunes manufacturing goods for sale in our markets and the Crazies made fortunes selling the goods to us.  We lost, everyone else won.

After wringing every penny they could out of their nation and its people the Crazies began waging war on Islam and Muslims.  This served two purposes; it made them huge profits from war and it served the interests of their ally Israel.  Early in this process they intentionally killed an estimated 500.000 Iraqi children and their Secretary of State said their deaths “were worth it,” to get rid of Iraq’s leader, Saddam Hussein.   Many millions of Muslims have been killed or made homeless or now live in total poverty.

We are ruled by Crazies, people that are totally insane.  These people are so arrogant they do not see or understand that their days are numbered, that their hubris will destroy them. All we have to do is stand back and watch as they destroy themselves.  That process has begun. People in increasing numbers are no longer believing the Crazies’ lies.  When a significant majority of people so longer believe them their control apparatus will begin to disintegrate and their remaining days in power are numbered. Unfortunately for us, a worldwide socio-economic catastrophe will occur when the Crazies are toppled from power.  Great hardships lie ahead for people everywhere.  Our most urgent task will be to find decent people to unite with so we can rebuild our lives together.   Above all else we must take care of the children.

Harvey Lothian is a 79-year-old man living on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada. His passions since a teenager have been history, politics, economics, sociology, social psychology, learning, traveling and reading. In recent years he has come to understand what Plato meant when he said all dogs have the soul of a philosopher. He can be reached Read other articles by Harvey.