Old Tjikko: Sorry, We Have Lost It

9,500 years ago
there were no dollar-bills,
central-banks or research-institutes
on global-warming;
And no grand tales
of industrial-revolution,
I-phones and Internet-God.
We were not that schizoid
not to revere our soil and trees
and not to feel the whole
animate/inanimate matrix
as our own kindred souls.
We loved,
because we had not yet
invented the word, “Love”.

Now we talk and write, endlessly
about Ethics, Religion and Science
we philosophize
on good and bad, human-nature
climate-change and world-peace
we take pride
in our diamond blades of reason
and don’t hesitate to crucify a guy,
and God the shit out of him
so that we can kill,
and still justify.

Claude Shannon said,
the redundancy of an
ordinary English prose is 75 %
take a scripture or a text
written in any language
add the subjectivism
of the readers, listeners
the additional redundancy
of the preachers , gurus
leaders, smooth-talking philosophers
scientists and commentators
and loop it for few thousand years
in the name of education and knowledge
and we end up with nothing,
but the words
falsely substituted for reality.
Humanity, a sorry ass book-keeping of errors;
Error of misplaced concreteness,
linearity, absoluteness, permanence
and many more; keep counting.
Ouroboros bites its own tail to death
a silkworm does time
in its own cocoon construct.

Fuck Evolution, yeah fuck it
If this is what I have become
an un-sane, insane mind
living in the Plato’s Cave
amidst the shadows
of mere ideas and words.

Mother Gaia, will you ever
forgive me and my brethrens?
because I know
there is no turning back here,
there is no second chance.

• Old Tijiko is the oldest tree recognized in Sweden, a 9,500 years old Norwegian Spruce

Sudeep Adhikari, from Kathmandu Nepal, is professionally a PhD in Structural-Engineering, and a compulsive reader/writer. He lives in Kathmandu with his wife and family and works as an Engineering-Consultant. His works have found their place in many online/print literary journals, based in United States, Canada, England, Wales, India and Japan. Read other articles by Sudeep.