Citizen, You Are Not Working Hard Enough

Citizen, you are not adequately serving your society.

Citizen, you should feel shame for your selfish desire for free time, pleasure, and the pursuit of happiness.

Citizen, you should be thankful and happy around us. We have given you a job and allowed you to live on this planet. We have given you the amazing exciting opportunity to pay for resources that have been stolen and immorally cordoned of by us so that we may profiteer off your existence. You should be grateful we have chosen you as a worthy candidate for employ.

Citizen, you should not complain about not having enough. If you do not have enough it’s not the fault of the wealthy who happen to directly benefit from your labor when they contribute nothing, but you should blame yourself. You’re not educated enough, not smart enough, not aggressive enough, not living in the right place, not networking – whatever reason you struggle is purely your fault and not the socio-economic conditions in which you have had no real say in creating and are coercively forced to participate in.

Citizen, we do not care about your plight or your total lack of leverage to negotiate a fair salary, and we don’t care about your bleeding heart story. We only care about what you can do for us. When we toss you aside because we no longer need you remember that it is just business and you should not take it personally. After all, it’s not as if we have demanded the best hours of your waking life, so you should not be emotional when we discard you.

Citizen, work faster and keep quiet about it or we’ll replace you with cheap labor from some other country that has agreed to treat their workforce as chattel. People who have agreed to be subjugated even worse than you will replace you, and we cannot be blamed for this, as it is just business.

Citizen, your work is your life. You should happily accept more responsibility as a badge of honor. When we call you on your vacation, weekends, and weeknights because we’re efficiently understaffed you should see this as a benefit to you because until we find someone to do your job cheaper you are very valuable to us in this state. You will feel desired.

Citizen, you will likely not feel any sense of real accomplishment or fulfillment from your job. Understand this is your fault for not working hard enough. We know you’re not enjoying your work, you desire to see nature, enjoy human connection, and wish to make an impact to those around you doing meaningful work – understand these are your failings for believing in such naivete. Our work is the only reality and it is vitally important to continue filling out marketing databases, running efficiency reports, and turning your human brain into nothing but a comodified lump of grey matter – it’s your problem you cannot see the profound meaning in your working misery. You should work harder, Citizen.

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