Resurrect Revolution

Countee Cullen
and I are of this consensus:
Prejudice drafts psychopaths.
Their warpaths
transfix our people to many a crucifix.
There resides the reason why
my protest must never relax
from typing its attacks.

Addressed to your psyche,
my compositions are microphones for
Emmett Till, Michael Griffith,
Yusef Hawkins, Amadou Diallo,
Sean Bell, Ramarley Graham,
Trayvon Martin, Darius Simmons,
Jordan Davis, Renisha McBride,
Eric Garner, et cetera,
et cetera, et cetera.

Addressed to your psyche,
you can hear the murdered entreat:
“Don’t allow another name to join
a homicide report sheet.
Don’t allow another name to join
a homicide report sheet.”

Addressed to your psyche,
the compositions
I’ve written are parts of a bulletin,
the passages transmit
to our terra firma’s retina.

Addressed to your psyche,
my protest wants life
to evict the combustive
and discriminative.
If armed with you,
Lawfulness will live.

Tenaciously, Bob McNeil tries to compose poetic stun guns and Tasers, weapons for the downtrodden in their effort to trounce oppression. His verses want to be fortresses against despotic politics. Read other articles by Bob.