Pseudo-leftist Cognitive Policing on Race

Coercive Engineered Migration: Zionism's War on Europe (Part 7 of an 11 Part Series)

In order to fully comprehend the implications of the US/Israeli strategy of weakening Europe through a divide and rule policy of artificial mass migrations, the questions of race and demography need to be looked at more closely. For Israel is a racist nation-state. It is the world’s only nation state based on a strict interpretation of racial identity. Yet it is a state, which, through its myriad lobbies and think tanks across the world, has managed to direct US foreign policy in its interests for many decades, in spite of the fact that the US is a multiracial, multicultural federal state.

It must be noted that political correctness has rendered all rational discussions of race and identity impossible. In Germany, for example, Internet users who publish comments on Facebook, deemed by the authorities to constitute ‘anti-foreigner’ or racist sentiment, could be liable to prosecution resulting in the confiscation of their children by the state.  Post something on Facebook which the German state – a state which supplies Israel with tanks and submarines — deems ‘anti-foreigner’, and you could see your children being abducted by the agencies of that state.

We have already mentioned in previous parts of this series that General Barnett’s Wikstrat is a key strategic partner of Africom, US/African Command. In US geopolitical strategy, preventing Russian/European integration also requires bringing Africa under US/Israeli control. The mass exodus from Africa to Europe is not only intended to destabilise Europe but also to keep Africa in a state of dependency and poverty, pillaging its resources, while draining the continent of many of its brightest citizens through the weaponisation of refugees.  This is an age-old imperial policy of dividing and conquering African nations by fomenting religious and ethnic divisions. The United States and Israel intend to use Europe and in particular France for this purpose, while utilising the consequences of European imperialism to keep Europe weak, divided and hopelessly subservient to the Zionist Empire’s interests.

In his monumental book on Sudan, Al Bashir et Darfour la Contre Enquete, Franco-Camerounian author Charles Onana shows that human rights organisations financed by Jewish Lobbies both in France and the United States are at the forefront of covert wars against the people of Africa, where Christians, Muslims, Animists and other religious communities and ethnicities are being pitched against each other by the Mossad in order to divide and conquer the continent on behalf of corporations closely linked to the Jewish State. In order to deflect attention from Israel’s covert wars in Africa, however, ‘anti-racist’ organisations such as SOS Racisme in France and Antifa — a supposedly ‘anti-fascist’ outfit — attack genuine peace activists and anti-imperialists with calumny, defamation and sometimes physical intimidation. This has become quite apparent during recent NATO wars against Libya and Syria.’Anti-racism’ and ‘anti-fascism’ have become key words of Zionist war propaganda.

African intellectuals are, for the most part, systematically excluded from French public discourse on Africa. Only African pundits willing to toe the neo-colonialist line can expect to be invited on French TV. A similar code of exclusion prevails in French universities with the result that students of  working class and predominantly émigré universities such as Paris VIII often have to endure lectures by white academics on the positive role of French colonialism in Africa as well as seminars on France’s ‘human rights’ and ‘democracy’ mission on the ‘dark continent.’ This author has recorded numerous testimonies of African diaspora students who have deliberately imbibed and regurgitated neo-colonialist discourse in order to get their sociology and political science degrees.

At the same time French university campus walls are lined with posters of fake left-wing, pro-imperialist parties and organisations such as NPA and Front de Gauche, while young black intellectuals are harassed and threatened by Wahhabised Arab youth in increasingly ghettoized suburbs of French and European cities. This Salafist lumpen proletariat is increasingly opposed by white skinhead hooligans in a society descending into dystopian chaos. Resistance to imperialism has never been more difficult than in this era of total counter-revolution.

Meanwhile, the Zionist ruling class are promoting an an aggressive racial integration agenda throughout Western Europe. Television and radio discussions extolling the importance of ‘metissage’, or miscegenation abound. Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who is of Jewish ancestry, has said miscegenation is a matter of life and death for the survival of the French nation.

Sarkozy is married to the aristocrat Carla Bruni, whose father was Jewish. Bruni has said she is “crazy about Israel”.

Sarkozy has close links to Rabbi David Zaoui of the Chabad Lubavitch Jewish movement, who believe all non-Jews are sub-human.

The founder of the Chabad Lubavitch movement Rabbi Schneerson is on record stating that the mass murder of Arab women and children is justified.

Rabbi Zaoui has praised Sarkozy for his advocacy of the deeply controversial Noahide Laws, which we will discuss in the next parts of this series.

The obsession of Europe’s Jewish elite with their Jewishness and their adherence and devotion to the racist Jewish state contrasts disturbingly with their advocacy of multiculturalism for everyone else. In fact, Arabs in Israel have been imprisoned for having sexual relations with Jewish women. Yet, the Zionist advocates of multiculturalism in Europe never mention this.

Many of the video clips posted on You Tube on Jewish supremacy come from ‘white identity’ racist groups, which prevents a lot of people from objective and rational analysis of this phenomenon. For example, one post reads ‘Jews admit to destroying the white race’. It features an interview with Barbara Lerner Spectre, the head of Paideia, a Jewish advocacy group in Sweden, who claims that multiculturalism is inevitable in Europe and that “Jews will be resented because of our leading role”. This comes from a Zionist who previously made her aliyah to Israel. So, one race is to impose multiculturalism on all other races and those races who oppose the “leading role” of that race are anti-Semitic, racists!

All of this is happening as the Jewish state, through its proxy forces, systematically attacks and destroys every functioning multi-ethnic society in the developing world. For example, Libya was a multiracial society with significant immigration from Europe. Racist rumours about Gaddafi’s ‘black mercenaries’ were used by the Zionist controlled mass media to launch a war of aggression which reduced Africa’s richest and most promising nation to rubble.

Miscegenation is becoming an obsession for France’s predominantly Jewish ruling class, that is to say miscegenation for the “gentiles”, but not, of course, for Jews. Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has said that if France’s multiple races do not miscegenate, the French government will have to use more “forceful methods” to implement this social policy.

White nationalists such as David Duke and Kevin MacDonald are nostalgic for the days when White Christians ruled the world, oppressing all the other races, Jews included. These writers focus exclusively on the evils of ‘Jewish supremacy’ while ignoring the long and brutal history of White Christian supremacy.

Furthermore, there is no class analysis in this genre of anti-Zionist discourse. Instead, their followers are led to believe that the world’s problems would be solved if Jewish supremacy were defeated. But here there is no discussion of political economy. This ‘white nationalist’ discourse on Zionism ignores the material basis of class domination, the material structures that form the basis, the fons et origo for the domination of the world by Zionist bankers. In order to justify their anti-communism these authors use every Cold-War anti-communist lie from the handbook of Cold War pseudo-sovietology; lies about the Soviet Union that have long been refuted, such as the Holodomar; the Katyn Massacre; the Red Terror, the USSR’s demography and penal system, and many more.

It is astonishing to find that so many people believe communism was a Jewish conpiracy and that the current political system most resembles communism. There were certainly many Jews in the Bolshevik party and Zionism was a major problem for the USSR. But anti-communists fail to realise that Lenin and the Bolshevik party conducted a long and vigorous struggle against the Jewish Bund and Leon Trotsky for many years before the October Revolution of 1917. They also fail to realise that those Jewish conspirators they call ‘communists’ were tried and convicted by the Soviet Government from 1936-1938, for conducting a terrorist campaign in the USSR in preparation for a coup d’etat following the planned Nazi invasion. There was extensive collaboration between Zionists and Nazis. At the head of this conspiracy was Leon Trotsky. Nicolai Yezhov was the head of Soviet state security at the time. He was also a Nazi agent, who deliberately murdered thousands of innocent communists in order to turn soviet citizens against the state in preparation for a Nazi invasion.

When the Nazis finally did invade, Nazi minister of propaganda Goebbels admitted using Trotskyite propaganda in an effort to deceive Soviet workers. What anti-communists refer to as socialism is, in fact, Trotskyism. The oft-cited book by Antony Sutton Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, claims that Trotsky was a German agent. There is much evidence for this claim. However, the author does not claim that Lenin was agent of imperialism, as there is no evidence for this claim.

Anti-Zionists who defend capitalism would do well to read Werner Sombart’s book Die Juden und das Wirtschaftsleben translated as The Jews and Modern Capitalism. Frederich Engels claimed that Sombart was the only German professor of his time who fully understood Marx’s work. Sombart argues convincingly that the Jews invented modern capitalism.

While Marx certainly had Jewish roots, Engels came from a protestant family and the latter is just as important as the former for communists.  Anticommunists who propagate the lie that communism was a Jewish conspiracy clearly know next to nothing about communism and the long philosophical, non-Jewish European tradition from Saint Simon and Fourrier to Thomson and Connolly, from which communist ideology stems. In fact, communism is far more Christian than Jewish. Perhaps referring to Acts 2.44, St Ambrose once wrote:

Nature furnishes it wealth to all men in common. God beneficently has created all things that their enjoyment be common to all living beings, and that the earth become the common property of all… Only unjust usurpation has created the right of private property.

One of the slogans of the Bolsheviks upon seizing power came straight out of Thessalonians 3.10: ‘If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat’.

Marx, in his essay, “On the Jewish Question“, says that the only salvation for the Jews would be the abandonment of Judaism, which for Marx meant the ideology of usury. While Zionist intrigue did much to infiltrate the communist movement, it would be far more plausible if anti-communists were to describe the October Revolution as a Christian conspiracy, rather than a Judaic one!

However, racist theorists aside, the question of Jewish racial supremacy and the Zionist subversion of anti-racist discourse should be a matter of concern to those opposed to slavery and racism. And in this discussion the voice of non-Jews is particularly important. We are entitled to ask why Jewish supremacists such as Sarkozy, Jacques Attali and their Zionist cohorts are so enthusiastic about miscegenation for the “gentiles”, while openly practicing the opposite themselves and refusing to criticize the overtly racist ideology of the Jewish state. It behooves all non Jews, Black, White, Asian or other to ponder this question.

Richard Nikolas Coudenove-Kalergi was an Austrian-Japanese politician and philosopher of Jewish descent who is often referred to as the “founding father” of the European Union. In his book Practical Idealism, Coudenove-Kalergi predicted that a Eurasian-Negroid race would emerge in the future from the miscegenation of all the races, thereby integrating Mackinder’s “World Island” with a new Universal Race similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians.

It is a vision of a Homo Novus in a Brave New World but not all races will participate in this demotic evolution. Jews, in Coudenove-Kalergi’s vision, are to become a new sacerdotal, Herrenvolk ruling over this new Eurasian-Negroid race. He writes:

Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit. This happened at the moment when Europe’s feudal aristocracy became dilapidated, and thanks to Jewish emancipation.

It is a vision indubitably close to that of Sweden’s aforementioned multicultural ‘leader’ Barbara Lerner Spectre.

The Coudanvoe Kalergi Prize is distributed every two years and Angela Merkel has been rewarded this prize for her services to ‘European integration.

And for those who oppose this plan to ethnically cleanse all of Europe?

General Thomas PM Barnett in his book Blueprint for Action advocates the assassination of all those who oppose Kalergi’s vision of a “multicultural” society ruled over by a Jewish nobility.

Referring specifically to resistance to this ‘New World Order,’ Barnett writes:

As we seek to shrink what remains of the Gap over the next several decades, we will rarely find societies adequately prepared- either intellectually or emotionally- for the travails that lie ahead. Instead, the elements most prepared will be those most willing to wage bloody resistance against this process: educated, worldly young men who are familiar with the future we offer and have already decided that it is corrupting beyond all reason. So yes, I do account for nonrational actors in my worldview. And when they threaten violence against the global order, I say: Kill them. (p.282)

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