Let’s Pretend that Lawrence Ferlinghetti is a Liar

Let’s pretend that we don t have a soul
that we don’t know what s going on
that as long as we keep paying the mortgage
that everything will be okay.
Let’s pretend that Lawrence Ferlinghetti is a liar
and that people with millions, and billions of dollars
will act in our children’s best interest.
See my child.
See him grow.
I don’t want him to go to war.
No, no, no.
Let’s pretend that if we close our eyes
they won t cheat us blind
that after all this time of screwing us
that they will now suddenly play fair.
Let’s pretend that if it s happening over there
it can t happen here.
Let’s pretend that the religious man on the t.v.
doesn’t just want our dollars
and that politicians are not sleeping
with the chairmen of the board
Let’s pretend that ketchup is a vegetable
and that the homeless person is happy
living on the street.
Let’s pretend that we don’t need clean sea water
and that it’s all right that our rivers are polluted, too.
Let’s pretend that three corporations owning
all the news outlets is the best way
to disseminate information.
Let’s pretend that there really is a Santa Claus
and that he will tell us what to do.

Mikel K is a poet living in Mableton, a nice suburb of Atlanta, Ga. He was voted best poet in Atlanta three years in a row. Mikel can be reached at mikelkpoet@gmail.com Read other articles by Mikel.