Black Lives Matter

(Except When They Don’t)

Black lives
like insects
like food in the first world
or sweatshop luxuries
matter, like blood splatters
abandoned words
on abandoned
park benches
thought and character
and the unread
contents of your favorite
diabetes catalyst
like dark
and black holes
and evolution
and all that filthy
sin shit
that has brought
Lady Liberty
to her knees
where she begs
the snake
to wipe the knowledge
from her face.
Black lives
(except when they don’t).

Ryan Summers is a poet, blogger, photographer, and angry black guy who has discovered a profound love for the written word. He has written poetry from various genres and through various formats, pulling inspiration from the seemingly inconsequential to the historically significant. To date, Ryan has written over two thousand poems and is currently writing pieces for his upcoming collections, "The Devil Wears a Hoodie” and “How To Be a N*****-Lover.” Read other articles by Ryan.