A Brutal Assessment of US Elections from Abroad

It’s come to my attention that André Vltchek, writing in Pravda, has demystified the entire US presidential election scam in a piece titled “Please do not poison my brain with the US elections.”  Americans should understand how our elections are seen by people abroad.

To my American friends I feel your pain, political phone calls will disrupt everything you do until the election in November, when you will be asked to step into a polling booth to vote for a lesser evil, which often seems like a choice between Hitler and Satan.  You will hold your nose and wretch, finally writing in the name of a person who has no chance, because that person has a heart and integrity.

To my friends abroad, I feel your pain, suffering through another phony election for president of the USA.  Unlike most citizens of The Empire, you have an understanding that the winner of the election will be a regent for the true rulers, the international bankers and their supportive capitalist apparatus that have so much influence over your life.

I read the foreign press daily to view opinions which do not get into the controlled US mainstream press.  Having traveled abroad in Europe and Asia I’ve got to know people who, after learning that I was open to criticism of my country, leveled with me about how the USA is seen by the common people of the world.  It’s not a pretty picture.

People in foreign lands will not speak openly with Americans, generally assuming Yankees are brainwashed from birth and cannot speak objectively about very much at all of importance.

Most world leaders and governments are generally controlled by the same forces which control The Empire and do not represent their own populations, although their establishment opinions are the ones corporate media dish out for the masses to consume.

The world press is generally controlled by the same forces which control The Empire.  The exceptions are that some criticism of The Empire is allowed in the foreign press.  For example, the BBC and Reuters allow some criticism of the USA, but in their case cover up for the UK (they concealed the role of their government in the invasion of Iraq as much as the US press covered up for the US role in that war crime, while allowing some criticism of President Bush and his regime, although much of it too little and too late).

And so it is that people all over the world are getting a similar version of the US election for president as Americans are getting, blasting 24/7 on TV sets that there are massive differences in the candidates and the fate of the world depends on the outcome which will put a wonderful person into the White House.

Vitchek points out that this is wild fiction, insisting:

I see no need to know who, from all those already pre-approved by the Regime and therefore allowed to ‘compete’, is going to get nominated by his or her political gang, and who will be finally mounting the saddle of that static wooden horse which is as a rule galloping nowhere, inspires no one and only jumps around crushing with its heavy murderous horseshoes everything and everyone who dares to demand true freedom.

He continues:

The West created elections so that the elites from within the white race, as well as the white race in general, could justify the brutality with which they have been ruling the world. They need to feel that they are fulfilling the wishes of the world, or at least of their own citizens.

The moneyed and bellicose clans always get elected; there are ways to assure it.

As to the value of presidential power, Vitchek relates:

The Regime has nothing to do with those ‘elected leaders’; it only produces them, as it produces ISIS, or propaganda or Western supremacist feelings. They are simply screened by the system, then pitched against each other like fighting roosters, then paraded as some religious symbol with hardly any power.

He adds, of the power of the voters:

They can choose the face, like in some violent video game. The engine, the system behind that face (or call it a mask), is permanent. It does not change.

The contest is about distraction, Vitchek says:

It is simply designed that way: concentrate on games, pop and junk, as well as elections, and forget about the big picture – what the Empire is doing to our World.

Jack Balkwill is an activist in Virginia. He can be reached at libertyuv@hotmail.com Read other articles by Jack.