Star Wars May Lead to Global, Thermonuclear War

National Missile Defense is of a nature to retrigger a proliferation of weapons, notably nuclear missiles. Everything that goes in the direction of proliferation is a bad direction.

Jacques Chirac, G8 Summit, Naha Japan, July 22, 2000

The “defense” industry is relishing the current boom in international conflicts, seeing massive profit in it.  War and terrorism may not be welcome to the masses of the world, but those who control mass media and finance our elections delight in it so much that they actually scheme to make a more dangerous world.

One of their more devious plots to make the world unsafe so that they may enjoy huge profits, is the Star Wars magic shield scam, lucrative for investors in the Nuclear Mafia, but dangerous to the rest of us.

So dangerous that it is one factor in pushing us all toward global, thermonuclear war.  The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have adjusted their famous Doomsday Clock to three minutes to midnight, in assuring us that there is reason to be concerned about the lack of disarmament and the global “modernization” of nuclear weapons.

I have opposed the Star Wars ABM system since President Reagan’s handlers convinced him to throw billions of dollars at it, primarily because it is dangerous to global security, but also because it is a massive waste of public funds.

In the beginning it was called the Strategic Defense Initiative and was intended to fire lasers across space at missiles, fueled by space-based nuclear-power plants.  The cost would be, like so many “defense” projects, exorbitant, so “defense” contractors drooled, realizing that this could be the big bonanza.

Since, it has morphed into a number of grand projects and renamed until the major criminals who run our defense industry agreed on the term “missile defense,” which sounds nice and fools the masses.

This trick was learned by the Nuclear Mafia when they got President Truman to sign the National Security Act of 1947, which Gore Vidal used to say replaced the old Constitution.  One of its deceptions was to change the name of the old War Department to “Defense” Department, because people don’t like war but love defense, hence “missile defense.”

Weapons experts say if it were built by another nation and based near the USA, the American government would blow it up, seeing the project as dangerous to its national security.  The Russians see the system being built on their borders as equally dangerous, and a component of a first-strike nuclear attack.

The reasoning goes like this.  If one is a nuclear power and potential enemies build such a system on one’s borders, the suspicion is that the nation building the system plans to bombard one with nuclear weapons and use the Star Wars system to thwart any retaliation. There has long been a belief that that potential retaliation acts as a deterrent to prevent one side from starting a global thermonuclear war.

If one believes one’s cities are going to be destroyed in return for destroying one’s enemies’ cities, one may decide to defer such insanity, in a ghastly game of Mutual Assured Destruction, shortened to the acronym MAD during the Cold War.

The Russians have good reason to think the USA might use nuclear weapons against their cities, as the USA is the only nation to have shown a willingness to use nuclear weapons against cities in the past.

Already, the “defense” contractors have achieved by building the ABM system in Eastern Europe and aboard ships off Europe’s shores, a more dangerous world.  Both Russia and China have announced that such a system may result in their producing more nuclear weapons with which to overcome it.

More Russian and Chinese nuclear weapons is exactly what “defense” contractors want, because they can use this as “justification” for the manufacture of more US weapons systems.  They clearly want a return to the lucrative old Cold War arms race.

Instead of an arms race, the people of the world badly need disarmament, and the tools for that have existed for many decades, including the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.  There has never been a serious attempt on the part of the US government to get rid of its nuclear weapons, although the treaty requires that.

General Secretary Gorbachev proposed in 1986 that the USSR and USA get rid of all of their nuclear weapons, but President Reagan insisted on going ahead with the Star Wars system in violation of the then-existing ABM Treaty, seen as a threat to the Russians, and preventing nuclear disarmament.

Around that time I asked retired Admiral Gene LaRocque, who had commanded nuclear forces, if we had enough nuclear weapons for our defense.  He shot an angry look back at me and shouted, trembling, “You cannot defend people with a nuclear weapon, they have nothing to do with defense.”

Their purpose is profit for the elites who run the world, in a massive scam that may as well be top secret in a culture whose dissemination of information is dominated by media controlled by the same elites.  And Star Wars is the kiss of death for any attempt at nuclear disarmament.

One of the reasons the powerful “defense” industry wants as many nuclear warheads as possible is that these bombs need delivery systems to be serious threats, and the big money is in delivery systems.  Delivery systems include the ICBMs, strategic nuclear submarines, and strategic bombers.

Until we have a public interest mass media source that can reach the overwhelming majority of citizens, we will never have nuclear disarmament, as the public are kept ignorant as things stand, and will embrace anything identified by the word “defense,” even if it is an outright lie.

Jack Balkwill is an activist in Virginia. He can be reached at Read other articles by Jack.