Art for Heart’s Sake

Pluck a new leaf
Paint it red
Hang it upside down
Call it Poetry

Take a snowflake
Mix soda and serve hot
Call it Music

Chop off a head
Wrap and choke
In plastic sheets
Call it Sculpture

Bite off an ear
Pour in boiling oil
Into the eyes too
Call them Audience

I shall still work
My Pen into a frenzy
Of colors less sanguine
More poignant
More pristine
Witch hunt my gay heart
Drill in nails of latest hot taboo
– ‘Light is mundane.
Art sans Dark and Gore is Vain’ –

Go ahead
Every Prophet’s Songs
Till you find
No vision to laugh, weep or sing over
The Sun tomorrow shall still rise
Decrying this bleak surmise
Someday, oh not far away,
Displacing a certain August dread
August’s reign shall yet return
Infusing in all things a new Bright
Art of undying Light

Nivedita Dey is a full-time poet and an English postgraduate from India with a burning passion for both Poetry and human Consciousness evolution. She writes to express her inner world in pursuit to impact the outer world with hope and humanism. She has been previously published in several reputed national and international magazines. Her works can be found on her poetry blog. Read other articles by Nivedita, or visit Nivedita's website.