Culling of the Flock

Blessed are the TV people
Spewing propaganda 24/7
Manufacturing their biased consent
Meanstream news media
Pretend to be objective
By forming panels, of
Like minded individuals
To debate the latest thoughts
As if they were not biased
More truth can be found on the street
Then in academia or corporate owned TV
24/7 justifying the holocaust, of
The Middle East, sand doomed!
Or, public executions, of
Americus black citizens
The more guts and gory,
The better the ratings
TV folks are privileged, and
Have been vetted
Trying to convince viewers
That they are the way…
What they say is the gospel
According to pulpit fiction
Americus has lost its way!
It is moon walking over a steep cliff
Presidential hopefuls
Can’t wait to be elected
Mean spirited and evil
Promises to use nuclear weapons
Murder thousands more innocent people
Continue destroying countries and cultures
To give them democracy, Americus style
The unloved become the unloving!
The day of tourists is gone
Given way to the terrorists of today
After continues terrorist’s attacks
The world over, one TV commentator said:
“I just don’t know why they hate us so.”
No critical thinking allowed,
Vetted for a reason, never commit treason!!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at :>. Read other articles by Charles.