COP21 Cops Out — Business As Usual: Consumers, not Citizens of the World

Day one, and the marchers are sipping wine and eating baguettes

Running around for that continental breakfast, in old Paris, a bizarre follies bergere of people shouting at the SWAT-Legionnaires teams, holding hands and placards defining some climate change demands lite, and the legions of illegitimate world leaders (sic) prancing and all the convulsing media from those mighty first worlders staging and all the NGOs and their followers making money off of “activism” and “on-line” organizing (sic) and getting a trip to Paris, to boot.

You have got to be kidding, with Amy “Soros” Goodman talking to climate change darling, Naomi Klein, that love child of the upper class in the punditry league. Amazing, she flaunts her first world and millionaire status at Paris, gets on the Amy “Roadshow for Capitalism Lite” Goodman broadcast, and hawks her movie and a book, both of which fall so short of real solutions.

This climate catastrophe —  these dead zones, these ecosystems and human systems —  dead or dying because of debt, finance, accumulation of wealth, usury, colonial free marketing, Capitalism. In no uncertain terms, those little conversations they are all having over in Paris are just the same old, the same old. It’s like an addiction, going to the “next” climate change talks. Selfies and jaunts around the Eiffel Tower and some lively talks at night at the hostels and the B & B’s and zimmers.

This is not the face of revolution. This is not how any disobedience happens —  a show, for the SWAT-French Cop-Gendarmes all gussied up with Zionist-Nordic-US robo-cop and shock and awe equipment to go after dreadlocks and we are the world, one world, chanters.

Nothing about the end of capitalism, forever, on the Amy “Zionism Lives” Goodman show. Nothing from Klein’s mouth that speaks to overthrowing capitalism and bringing eco-socialism to bear.

Story after story gets blipped in America, on the world stage – the blob off Washington and Oregon’s coast, tied to warm waters, creating dead zones, and historically tracked by marine climate paleontologists see a dead zone 15,000 years ago that lasted a millennium. No more shellfish, no more fish, deadzones. It just gets reported on, and then moved to the side — no analysis, deep thinking, nothing but a news item.

I see brother Dahr Jamail over at Truthout talking climate change and Paris, and he too can’t pull the plug on trickle down, market-rules, junk-junk-junk Capitalism. Nope.

Global leaders will appear as though they are doing something to address the single greatest crisis that humanity has ever faced, despite the most respected, prestigious scientific bodies in the world producing one report after another that shows us we have run out of time to turn the ship, as the iceberg has long since punctured the hull.

Rather than pinning false hope to the COP21, perhaps now each of us might sit still, feel what is happening and listen deeply to the earth. If we do, then we might know from within, what is most important, and what we should do next.

From within? It’s global tyranny by the few, all those trillions rolled up in might is right and machine gunning ecosystems, cultures, countries. Of course, we have the Forbes all-great-things-come-from-markets-capitalism-imperial-resource-theft-war-for-oil story on how much the COP21 will release into the atmosphere” 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide, all those bottles of bubbly consumed, the cheese, the trips around town, all the toilets flushed and hairdryers flipped on:

So these very basic assumptions imply nearly 10,000 tons of CO2 will be emitted solely as the result of the COP21 conference, and presumably no trees will be planted as an offset. If the delegates do little more than congratulate each other on the greenness of their politics, that leaves the Earth 10,000 tons to the worse. Not enough to put Manhattan under water, but hardly a trivial price. Let’s only hope there is an environmental benefit besides applying the brakes to the global economy—which arguably would have negative, not positive, environmental impacts.

Forbes! Applying the brakes to global fossil fuel, One Percent, Polluting, Ecosystems-smashing, People-killing Capitalism, a la global. We need more than brakes — we need upheaval. This is how non-profits roll, and their critics roll, who are a bird of a same feather – global economy is vital to the green economy. Forget about shutting down these economists, these white progenitors of the big lie and gigantic subterfuge, one after another. COP21 will cost $1.2 billion, and the angst, the corporate media, those illiterates and misanthropes running the numbers to fit their paymasters, Forbes,  it is a poor show, so poor of a show in the City of Lights! They will not talk seriously about the end of Capitalism, now, and the public in all countries taking over the industries, shutting down coal, shutting down nuclear, getting serious about the junk economy and junk cultures of sell-buy-buy-sell-sell. Nationalizing so many industries and letting communities make food, art, and schools!

Really, and this is not just some Marxist tract – it’s so serious that the discussions about transitioning to a green economy, business as usual, that is, travel, consume, grow, manufacture, educate, and exploit as usual, the capitalism way, they are as bad as a Ted Cruz or any number of uneducated and non-critical thinkers who call themselves politicians and leaders spewing off lie after Trump and Media lie.

Here, one key negotiator, still, never talking about de-Capitalization of the world, but rather decarbonization. Paul Watkinson, head of the Climate Negotiation Team of France, from Energy Post:

The IEA [International Energy Agency] has clearly said what is needed to achieve the 2 °C target. That is going to be very difficult. I don’t underestimate that. Other operators have their own interests. The energy industry has a lot of assets in the fossil fuel sector. And it’s logical they want to maintain their position. But what is interesting is the changes compared to a few years ago. The enormous reductions in cost of solar and wind. They are now mainstream. Where are we going with storage? How will other technologies develop? If you put that on the table, it’s not as simple as: is it fossil or not? The question is: where are the choices going to be in 10 years’ time? If we are in a world where we are seriously moving to decarbonisation, to net zero emissions, even if it’s not until 2070 or 2080, we are still going to have to reach that stage. What does that mean for investment? For the choices people will make? The opportunities that are there? I am not saying it’s going to be easy. And I don’t expect everyone to share the view on where we are going. But I think the opportunities are there for those who want to seize them.

It’s all just a bombardment of silliness in the mainstream media, covering the manufacturing arm of the USA economy, like they are over at National Zionist Radio, NPR, this entire week, with day one on Los Angeles, delivered by the bubbling Zionist news reader, David Greene. He and another fellow are all giddy in a whirlybird, climbing up into the sky to see LA’s great manufacturing engines, all those warehouses, the Hollywood sign almost an orgasm for the fools in the National Propaganda Radio follies. Amazing, they call the big thrust in LA around the aerospace industry manufacturing, sustainable. Interesting, how many lives are blown apart from that manufacturing arm of LA, daily, on a global scale, with the bigger death toll coming from Zionist and Pro-Empire USA Hollywood with its bigger propaganda machines in the form of TV-Video-Music-Film-Marketing lie after genocidal lie. Northrup Grumman, what a grand bargain. This is how Capitalism works, and the entire game of propping up war, the Capitalist State of Global Terror, it is so slippery in terms of all the businesses tied into the Military-Punishment-Prison-Surveillance-Policing-Killing Complex.

Here is one limp look at the powerhouse of LA, not reported or thought about critically by the boys and girls over at National Propaganda Radio:

The region surrounding Los Angeles has had its ups and downs. It peaked in the mid 1980’s, with close to 300,000 defense industry jobs. But cutbacks in military spending and BRAC closures over the next decade hit the defense job market hard, particularly in the areas of jet fighter and military aircraft programs. According to the Los Angeles Economic Development Corps., some 200,000 defense industry jobs were lost, and Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and Rockwell International all faced a downturn. Now things are looking up.

Defense spending has been soaring in the L.A. region since 2001. According to the Department of the Navy, realignments and other initiatives have created close to 93,000 civilian jobs with more to come. In the aerospace industry, opportunities continue to open up at companies like Lockheed Martin, the prime contractor for the F/A 22 Raptor and F-35 programs. Northrop Grumman is now working in almost every area of defense, particularly in satellite and space laser programs. Small to mid sized firms are also doing well, providing related support services such as parts, metals and paints.

A big change in the employment picture is in the area of research and development. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory operated by Cal-Tech, and Aerospace Corp. are both dominant in R&D contracts, as is the Space and Missile Systems Center at Los Angeles AFB. In the surrounding areas like Redondo Beach and El Segundo, Boeing, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman are working on aerospace and telecommunications, while Edwards AFB is working on R&D projects such as Boeing’s Phantom Works, Lockheed’s Skunkworks and NASA’s advanced flight research.

Evan Lesser, Co-founder and Director of ClearanceJobs, is seeing a dramatic increase in the number of opportunities for security-cleared veterans eyeing civilian careers.

“The availability of aerospace and engineering jobs in California, specifically in the greater Los Angeles region, have increased by 110 percent on ClearanceJobs in the past 12 months,” he said. “Large contract wins by leading employers have fueled an already hot job market. Los Angeles is the aerospace hotbed of the West, similar to Huntsville’s prominence to the East.”

The silliness of NPR reflects the rape of journalism, the retrograde tinkering of the mainstream news, and how a Chosen Few can rip away sturdy and independent narratives to fit the Complex’s narrative, all shiny and psychologically warring in its death-bleating charm. Silly and sad, and infantile, and never ever question the Zio-cons and Neoliberals spewing this stuff, especially on old fogy NPR.

Climate Change Protesting has to be about Capitalism’s Death Protesting. It’s difficult now to scan the media, the Press, and see any real movement toward ending Capitalism, critiquing every girder and under girder of the way Capitalism kills, and will kill with brown fields, dark clouds of coal burning, or the so-called green economy. It’s this sort of writing that is miles away from the real truth – we need systems change, that is, no more capitalism:

The urgency of our situation is an opportunity to do things differently. We can’t solve the climate crisis without building a new world. One where we replace dystopian border militarization with compassion and care for displaced people while respecting Indigenous sovereignty and tradition. Where we dismantle systems of white supremacy and patriarchy and stop sacrificing Black, Brown and Indigenous communities for profit. And, finally, where we replace capitalism’s endless exploitation of Earth and people with stewardship and community care.

The only way we can build this world is together. It’s going to be difficult and sometimes frustrating or dangerous work but we have to get into the streets and take this chance now.1

Capitalists look at every little chessboard move as a revolutionary force against their bottom line – exploitation, accumulation of wealth, a few winners and billions of losers, markets, and endless growth and now transnational capital Mafia and Totalitarian Control of All Industries, All Businesses. Added up, these skirmishes by us, radicals, have to total up to be NO MORE CAPITALISM. That’s climate change mitigation and people saving to the max. No more Naomi Kleins and her movies and her parading self at these talks. No more! These are empty voices of the publishing world, on the talk circuit, away from us, please, forever.

  1. Ahmed Gaya, an organizer with Rising Tide Seattle, Rising Tide North America, over at CounterPunch today!! []
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