Silent Sirens

We live in the crevices of society
silently lamenting our fate
faking each smile of hate
hoping to remain unseen
amidst an unforgiving global scene.

We are the static whispers
in the dark night
craving a kind gesture
yearning to welcome a saviour to
relieve us from our daily plight.

We see our fellow men battling
to gain increasing material power
willing to sell their souls for hire
even swearing to commit
murderous mayhem in the name
of advancement their heaven sent.

We hear disturbing voices
influencing choices of men
free from political vermin
they choke from gorging themselves
on rotten ideas basking
in glowing cheers
igniting fermenting fears.

Our existence born from liberating
persistence declaring war on all things
inhumane insane shared searing shame
our arsenal collected from history
our language born from human scorn
after a bright morn since mankind’s dawn.

Our resolve strengthened by a shared passion
literary compassion our celebratory fashion
our energy sparked by a global synergy
similar biology binds our literal ideology
our state of mind guided by mankind
not that kind failing to find their inner
core forever hoping to discover a new shore
shunning millenia of growing intellect
although still able to cunningly collect
as part of a new sect the current order
simmering with cultural murder
eradicating deleting competing
feeding their chosen prey with
a lexical feast from their inner beast.

Our message is clear
our aim remains the same
our literary match no ordinary game
our voices surge though time
our intuition aiding our poetic mission.

We are the voices through the ages
silently raging on literary pages
evolved into digital phases
adapting acquiring
our power contagious
as we collectively sigh
moan groan warn and constantly

We defy disorder inequality
insecurity question mankind’s
maturity as we seek answers in religion
and seeking questions in science
as we carry on defending
our literary calling
as the silent sirens.

Don Beukes is an ex teacher of English and Geography; born, raised and educated in Cape Town, South Africa in the last two decades of Apartheid. He writes about social injustices, politics, nature, the miracle of life, spirituality, womanhood, adoption, authoritarianism and many other themes affecting our global village. He hopes to inspire others to adjust their moral compass when necessary in an ever-changing global melting pot. Visit his web page to connect to his social links and explore his literary world. Read other articles by Don, or visit Don's website.