Our Healthcare System is Killing Us

The babies all got sick and when the doctor wanted money
He [John Henry] said, “I’ll pay you a quarter at a time
That’s the pay for a steel driver on the line.”

— “The Legend of John Henry’s Hammer“, written by Johnny Cash and first appeared on his 1963 album Blood Sweat and Tears

“A threat by the nation’s largest health insurer to pull out of ObamaCare is a sign of the industry’s growing angst about the viability of the federal exchanges, sources close to the industry say,” begins a piece at The Hill this week.

You read that correctly. Obamacare is so weak and dedicated to corporate profit at any cost to actual health care, that participating corporations, who run it, may withdraw whenever they like, if they don’t get the massive profit they seek.

Anyone actually paying attention may see that Obamacare came out of Nixoncare when Dick Nixon was president and under pressure from the Democrats, who ran Congress at the time, to create a system of Medicare for all.  Nixon instead designed a system run by the corporations, and the Democrats, then standing for a bit more than they do today, soundly rejected it.

Nixoncare was redesigned by the Heritage Foundation, and Governor Romney of Massachusetts liked the concept of a medical system which benefits capitalists like himself, so much that he adopted it into law.

When running against President Obama for the White House, Romney attacked ObamaCare in appealing to Republican voters, who tend to oppose anything Obama.  President Obama soundly berated Romney during the debates, pointing out that ObamaCare came from Romneycare and is the same thing.

The brilliant part of the program’s propaganda is to ignore actual health care and emphasize the number of people “insured,” which has increased.  What’s not pointed out by the Obama regime and its supporters is that the lower tier insurance has co-pays and deductibles so high that many working class people can’t afford to use it.

Many working class people buy the insurance because they are forced to buy it or get fined by the government.  I know people who pay the fine rather than buy the insurance, because it is less expensive to do so.  These people obviously cannot afford to pay the fine, and do without necessities to be cruelly fined in this manner.

That a system should be so bankrupt as to attempt to fool the masses in this way, while moving tax dollars to corporations which annually make billions of dollars and pay their CEOs millions in annual salary, is despicable.

Dr. Margaret Flowers, who is running for a Senate seat in Maryland as a Green, told me about 33,000 people die each year in the USA for a lack of healthcare coverage.  This does not count those who die because they take prescription drugs known to be harmful by Big Pharma, or do without life-saving drugs because of the exorbitant costs, or those who die from complications resulting from unnecessary operations in privatized hospitals performed to increase profits.

In most of the industrialized world, health care is considered to be a human right, not a luxury doled out according to how much a person can afford.

That the Democrats should pretend to care about the public interest, while taking millions of dollars from the “healthcare industry” to fund their election campaigns shows how cowardly and subservient they have become.

When I was a boy I lived in British Columbia for a few years, when my father found employment there and we moved from Washington State.  After my mother was hospitalized, the family gathered at a hospital in Prince George.  Upon her release my father went to a window set up to provide information.

We assumed the worst, that the family would be left in ruin as the medical cost put us under, like happens in the Land of the Free.  My father had a troubled look on his face upon approaching the window, asking, “How much do I owe you?”  The woman behind the counter smiled, saying: “You don’t owe us anything Mr. Balkwill.  It’s our job.”

The American people are kept in ignorance by their mainstream mass media, and will never be free until they get a public interest mass media source.  It is by design that we have one of the most ignorant populations on earth.

Jack Balkwill is an activist in Virginia. He can be reached at libertyuv@hotmail.com Read other articles by Jack.