In the Fight for Peace and Social Justice is Mass Media or Anonymous the Answer?

In a recent article, “In the fight against ISIS, is Anonymous the answer?,” CBC makes a bold claim in the opening sentence: “The West wants to put a stop to ISIS.”

Given that the West has armed and protected ISIS, the CBC article loses all credibility from the get-go. ((Ekaterina Blinova, “ISIL ‘Frankenstein’ Created by West and Its Gulf State Allies,” Sputnik News, 7 October 2015.)), ((Tyler Durden, “Russia Explains To Clueless US Public Why Obama Can’t Defeat ISIS,” ZeroHedge, 18 November 2015. And let’s not forget the Zionist connection with ISIS that CBC and western corporate media love not to mention. Israeli Colonel captured in Iraq with ISIS terrorists — “Israeli Colonel Leading ISIL Terrorists Captured in Iraq,” Farsnews, 22 October 2015.)), ((Philip Weiss, “The way for Americans to take on the Islamic state is to end support for Jewish nationalism,” Mondoweiss, 15 November 2015.))

Having established at the outset its own bias and mendacity, the CBC, in the article’s second sentence, calls into question the hacktivist resistance group Anonymous that declared itself an enemy of ISIS: “But is Anonymous the answer?”

In fact, Anonymous reports contrariwise to the CBC about who is behind ISIS.

Given that ISIS is a western spawn, then what purpose does ISIS serve for the West? Anonymous answers:

CBC spoke to Gabriella Coleman, author of a book on Anonymous, who expressed worry about “doxxing,” releasing someone’s real identity and “outing” them online. She speculated about a scenario whereby Anonymous might incorrectly identify someone as an ISIS member with terrible results.

“The stigma can be horrible,” Coleman said. “They’ll be harassed, the consequences can be very bad.”

But isn’t this what the state and state media does most of the time whenever a suspect is identified and this is published in the media before guilt has been determined in a court of law and even before charges may have been laid? ((E.g., see my recent “Presumption of Innocence and Impugning of Character,” 9 November 9 2015.))

Is it not hypocritical for the state and its media to criticize a group based on hypotheticals when the state and its media regularly engage in the self-same behavior for which they criticize another entity — even an entity having never been known to have committed such behavior?


ISIS is an abomination. ISIS is, however, in major part a western-created abomination.

Because of the insidiousness of disinformation ((See Kim Petersen, “Disinformation: A Crime against Humanity and a Crime against Peace,” Dissident Voice, 17 February 2005.)) and its use as a tool of repression and oppression, and since the CBC reveals itself to be an instrument of disinformation, ((Nothing new for the CBC. E.g., Kim Petersen, “The PM doth protest too much, methinks,” Dissident Voice, 21 January 2012.)) the CBC (along with western corporate and state media elsewhere) presents itself as an enemy of peace and social justice.

A greater abomination than ISIS is the existence of state actors that create real boogeymen to evoke fear, carry out terrorism, foment wars, and cause death and mayhem. Equally abominable and sordid is mass media which disinforms and manipulates public sentiment, and which allows the planting of false flags to wreak further death and destruction to attain unjustifiable political ends.

If indeed Anonymous is a grouping, however loose, dedicated to exposing disinformation, waging peace, fighting against state intrusions into privacy while revealing state secrets, and supporting social justice — then it seems clear that Anonymous is a group that anti-war types and supporters of a just society should solidarize with.

Kim Petersen is an independent writer. He can be emailed at: kimohp at Read other articles by Kim.