Beaver, Eagle, Bulldog and bear
Play foolishly in sand dooms
Post-modern crusades with a twist!
Eagerly drinking blood/oil
End times coming
Isis has nothing to lose
That was bombed away
Decades ago!
Bring on the God Times…
There will be surprises on both sides
They have nothing to lose, makes
Them the wildest card players
In this game of chance
They are all cards, and
Need to be dealt with.
Each trying to bring an end
To the world as they interpret it to be
“Bad people prevail when good ones do nothing.”
Meanwhile casualties of invasions pile up
Thousands of women and children killed
Tens of thousands are refugees
Fleeing for their lives to countries
Who don’t want them there?
“Go away they shout.” between
The barb wire fences.
For every action there is a reaction!
Winter, I fear, does draw near.
This is a test of humanity
To the planet!
Had Bush quit bombing the Middle East
This problem would not exist.
Nuclear weapons, arms profits, oil,
A sense of loss, submarines, drones,
Air strikes, boots on the ground,
An interesting game of chess unfolds
In the dessert, faintly in the distance
One can hear rattling sabers
More heads will roll, as
Is the way in Saudi Arabia…?
The world stands still, and
Holds its breath, like
A Drone free falling to earth,
Deathly quiet, waiting, for
The next move: “checkmate”!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.