Republicans Should Never Win Elections

The GOP often crows about election gains,
Saying it proves good policies are rightfully to blame.
We all should know the unadulterated truth,
How just thirty percent came to voting booths.

Exhorting all voters to turn out and to vote,
Is like forcing Republicans to remove hands from our throats.
Minorities and young normally have much more to lose,
Yet proportions of voting elect radicals with no clue.

Radical in Congress reside there for spite,
And to accomplish nothing but divisive fights.
No legislation will pass if they have their way,
Demagoguery and obstruction is most of their day.

Senseless shutdowns costs us millions of dollars,
And hardships for many, working blue collar.

Their success at the polls only encourages more,
Encumbrance of Congress and dysfunction galore.

A functional Congress only when radicals go,
If reasonable voters at the polls do show.
Angst and anger is what Republicans want,
Their winning elections depends on our punt.

That only means Democrats are failing us too,
They are pitiful patrons for me and for you.
Standing for something, elections will go their way,
And the dearth and death dragon they would surely slay.

We must work together, expose Pubs for what they are,
Total charlatans, with messages toxic as tar.

James Hoover is a recently retired systems engineer. He has advanced degrees in Economics and English. Prior to his aerospace career, he taught high school, and he has also taught college courses. He recently published a science fiction novel called Extraordinary Visitors and writes political columns on several websites. Read other articles by James.