My Brothers and Sisters

I do not claim to speak for God,
and approach those who do
with a sense of skepticism, regarding
the words of a super-being with care

God’s words should not be a barb
or sword, a weapon rooted in poison,
for there is surely enough in human
nature to divide us already, enough
manifestations we conjure on our own

There are so many opinions, approaches,
and a number have left the church
while a movement of “we’re not really like
other churches” has begun to flourish

Perhaps it would be a good moment to be
brothers and sisters and articulate a notion
of what it means to be a faithful person, to
ask, Is what we’ve got really worth giving,
and maybe we should stop trying to sell it?

JD DeHart is a writer and teacher. He has two poetry projects available at Origami Poetry. Read other articles by JD.