Gravy Train Drip

Implosion confusion
citizens losin
decay disruption
fake faction no illusion
anarchaic mismanagement
they don’t dare say it
but we know it
misfed masses chew on promised molasses
the need for upliftment infectious
their leader his ravenous hounds
their nemesis how to sweet talk this
deepening the apocalyptic political
gravy couldron abyss
who to dismiss
let’s fight this
corrupt cancerous spasms
deepen our country’s evolutionary chasm
creating an ever widening crevasse
how to deal with this
the people first
clench your fists in realisation
the leaders plotting
perfecting our damnation
our rainbow nation infected
false oracles elected
wake from your sedated slumber
or eternally regret it
racial dischord still
playing a dangerous note
remove your visionary peel
gather to once again cause
our nation to heal
allow the next generations to soar
weed out the political flaw
or would you welcome
a future accusatory war?

Time has long since passed for robotic
political cultural obedience
it’s time to remove
ravenous festering fiends
stop moaning and amass once again
to remove a system failing
let’s cause a final incision
now is the time
to imprint your desperate decision
extract the political vermin infecting you
with a gold dust slime filled
old revised simmering sermon
do not neglect our human intellect
rise my people rise
once again to fully exercise
your right to
change the current order
squeeze out failing fodder
tighten their rotten collar
rise my people rise
halt their obvious demise
your actions might
root out unscrupulous
political factions ensure
you do not become
miscalculated human fractions
once again unite and if you must
even usurp to stop the ongoing rotten
gravy train drip
rise my people rise
the time is now
any means
any how
liberate once again
a nation still on the mend…

Don Beukes is an ex teacher of English and Geography; born, raised and educated in Cape Town, South Africa in the last two decades of Apartheid. He writes about social injustices, politics, nature, the miracle of life, spirituality, womanhood, adoption, authoritarianism and many other themes affecting our global village. He hopes to inspire others to adjust their moral compass when necessary in an ever-changing global melting pot. Visit his web page to connect to his social links and explore his literary world. Read other articles by Don, or visit Don's website.