Good bye

(for Dana Borczon)

The first
time I
left for
Fort Jackson
Mark’s girlfriend
was crying
so hard
you’d think
it was him
going instead
of me
and I
you were
pissed that
she was
there since
we left
the kids
at home
so I
could just
leave fast
break clean
hopefully be
on the
plane before
reality set
in but
instead she
cried like
a baby
or the
manic depressive
she was
while I
from foot
to foot
not sure
what to
say to
you and
less sure
what you
should say
to me
good bye
seemed too
thin but
now I
wish I
would have
said it
how much
of me
never made
it home.

Matthew Borczon recently retired from the United States Navy reserve after 20 years of service. He has published 17 books of poetry; the most recent PTSD a Living Will is available through Rust Belt Press. He is married with 4 children Read other articles by Matthew.