Corporate Media Won’t Tell You Hillary Clinton is a Lying Fascist

She was practiced at the art of deception
I could tell by her blood-stained hands

— Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” from the Rolling Stones’ 1969 album Let it Bleed

Right now, you’re probably asking yourself, “What does Jack think of Hillary Clinton?”  Well, I’m glad you asked.

In fact, Madam Hillary, the leading candidate for CEO of the United States of Corporate Empire, is being buried in money by environmental polluters, defense cheats, banksters, and other oligarchs and plutocrats because she’s shown unwavering loyalty to these scum of the earth all her life.  Shall we go back to the beginning?

In one of her older, smoldering lies, Hillary claimed to have been named after Sir Edmund Hillary, famous for climbing Mount Everest.  The problem with this is that Sir Edmund didn’t climb Mount Everest and become famous until six years after Hillary Rodham was born.

During the October 13th debate she began her comments with “I have been very consistent over my entire life, I have always fought for the same values and principles.”  She often fabricates that she has always been a progressive, but her “values and principles” are not progressive.

Even in her teens, when Hillary worked on the Nixon campaign, and later became a Goldwater Girl, in support of two of the most right wing Republican politicians in US history.  In college, she was president of Wellesley Republican Youth.  Does this sound like “always been progressive?”

When she became a Democrat she joined husband Bill in the leadership of the Democratic Leadership Council, a corporate-funded group whose goals were clearly to clone a second Republican Party of the Democrats, so that their brand of fascism would not be distinguishable from that of the former.

Bill and Hillary have always presented themselves as a team, and you won’t hear Hillary disagreeing with Bill’s free trade accomplishments, which destroyed millions of good factory jobs for America’s working class.  Or Bill’s deregulation of media, which allowed the giants to merge and extend corporate power by keeping the masses ignorant. Or deregulation of banking, eventually leading to the massive 2008 recession resulting in millions losing jobs and more millions losing homes, as bankers, no longer restricted, became reckless with the extended economy.

In her last run for the presidency, in 2008, none other than Rupert Murdoch held a fundraiser for Hillary.  Should one ask why the king of right wing media would support a “progressive” candidate?  Murdoch is not known for wasting money.  He knew she would represent his “values.”

Even the Clinton family friends appear to be Republican.  During the 2008 race, Bill Clinton remarked that he didn’t know how Hillary would be able to run against their friend John McCain.  It’s been reported that when Obama got the nomination, Bill Clinton advised John McCain during the 2008 campaign.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush praised family friend Bill Clinton “I think that he thinks of George a little bit like the father he didn’t have, and he’s very loving to him. And I really appreciate that.”  If the Clintons are progressive, why do they have right wing friends?

Even daughter Chelsea, who married a Wall Street banker, is a friend of Ivanka Trump, daughter of The Donald who leads Republican candidates at this time.  Bill and Hillary attended Trump’s last wedding.  One almost expects to hear the déjà vu of Bill whining that he doesn’t know how Hillary can run against her friend Trump.

In fact, in his current election campaign, Trump is running a video highlighting praise from Bill Clinton, ending with “Thank you Bill.”  The Trump campaign opens the video with a suggestive question: “An endorsement from Bill Clinton?”

When in the Senate, Hillary voted for the Bush agenda — the Patriot Act, Iraq War, the fascist line.  She co-sponsored a bill that would make it a crime to burn the American flag, long a favorite of Republicans, and she supports the death penalty, which is opposed by nearly all progressives.

After Hillary pushed for war with Libya and President Obama obliged by bombing that suffering nation (which has not recovered to a functioning government), she was delighted that President Gaddaffi was savagely tortured to death, after having been shot several times, remarking: “We came, we saw, he died,” followed by a maniacal laugh.

On the campaign trail, Hillary often cites her time on the board of the Children’s Defense Fund in an attempt to show that she is progressive, but she doesn’t talk about her husband’s “Welfare Reform,” which threw poor children into the streets (two-thirds of those on welfare were children).  The founder of the Children’s Defense Fund, Marion Wright Edelman, said of that move by Bill Clinton, “His signature on this pernicious bill makes a mockery of his pledge not to hurt children.”  Edelman’s husband resigned from the Clinton Administration over Clinton’s cruelty toward these disadvantaged children.

Selling out the American people pays handsomely.  Bill Clinton left the White House falling into immense wealth, as his corporate friends paid him off for his service to them, with $200 thousand a night speeches.  It’s been reported that he’s made over $100 million from speeches alone since leaving the White House.  Simply putting the money into his bank account would have looked too much like the payoff of bribes.

Hillary brings in similar loot from speech fees, book deals and other sources, capitalizing on what she calls “public service,” as though she cared a wit about the public interest.  Hillary tells us, in another of her lies, that she and Bill left the White House “dead broke.” But we we find that “In 1999, they bought a five-bedroom home in Chappaqua, N.Y., for $1.7 million.  In December 2000, just as they were leaving the White House, they bought a seven-bedroom house near Embassy Row in Washington, D.C. The price was $2.85 million.”

Hillary Clinton is not a progressive, but the opposite, a classic fascist.  She is currently running her campaign on a platform of lies, and if she is elected president, will reverse her faux progressive positions on anything of importance and sell out the American people, together with the people of the planet, in order to please those whom she’s always served, the wealthy and their corporations, at any cost to the public interest.

The majority of voters who vote Democrat say they are voting “lesser evil,” and if they don’t, the evil Republicans will get in.  No Republican could have gotten away with what President Obama did, when George Bush was so despised by the public and Obama increased his hated agenda, starting his presidency by finishing the bailout of banksters and increasing troop strength in Afghanistan by 30,000.

No Republican could have gotten away with Bill Clinton’s “free trade” deals, “welfare reform,” deregulation of banking and media.  The system encourages people to vote for great evil.  There is nothing lesser about the evil of Democrats other than their rhetoric.

Jill Stein is running for president with no coverage by corporate media, because they fear her like none of the others.  She would actually represent the public interest and democracy, the two things the establishment fear more than anything.  They will cover anyone before Jill Stein, or anything she represents, which is all censored out of the mainstream press.

But the mainstream press have been pushing Hillary for years, long before she announced her decision to run for President.  Hillary represents the same thing as corporate media—rule by plutocratic oligarchy, so the disgusting corporate “journalists” are kneeling and kissing her butt to find favor with their establishment bosses.

Jack Balkwill is an activist in Virginia. He can be reached at Read other articles by Jack.