Wake-Up Call

Do black lives matter?
You’re damn right they do…
but guess what,
so do the lives of cops,
so do the lives of immigrants
that are flooding into the U.S.
from South America,
and so do the lives of everyone else.

If you think I’m missing the point of the protest
and that such a stance is part of the problem
because I’m not awake to systemic injustices,
well, you can take your complaint
and shove it…
I’m wide awake
with all three eyes
focused on the real threat.

It is time, my friends
of all races, ethnicities, ages, genders,
sexual orientations, social classes,
political persuasions, and any other
artificial surface level compartmentalized divisions,
to take a step back and realize
that there is a bigger game at play.

There are principalities of power in this world
that are using those in high offices
to stir up shit and fan the flames of strife
between the people who mingle on the streets of America.

There is a reason why trillions of dollars
have been divvied up, divided, and poured into
the war machine which marches along in parallel lockstep
to the buildup of D.H.S, T.S.A,
and militarized programs designed to federalize
state and local police departments.

The international banking cartel that runs this country
buys and sells politicians and CEOs
like they are nothing more than baseball cards
to be traded back and forth, or pieces
on a chessboard to be moved this way and that.

Do you think the uprisings throughout Egypt, Libya,
Syria, and Ukraine were just spontaneous revolutions
that popped up over night like magic?
Hell no, like Henry Kissinger told Charlie Rose
a few years back, countries are naught but dominoes
meant to fall over one after the other,
toppling at the touch of money changers’ fingers.

The State Department under Hillary Clinton,
and now headed by John Kerry,
along with Nazi collaborating billionaires such as George Soros,
funneled obscene amounts of cash
into the supposed NGOs in said countries…
money which was used to incite and spark the initial violence.

The international banking cartels want a one world government,
under one rule of law (theirs), with one currency (theirs),
and with one centralized, command and control power base
calling the shots.

They already have their E.U., and they will continue
to push hard toward a North American Union.
The biggest domino they need to fall is the U.S.
In order for that to ever happen they need the citizens
disarmed, apathetic, and completely dependent upon the authorities
for protection and sustenance.

They want race wars.
They want civil wars.
They want Balkanized nations.
They use divide and conquer techniques
in the same way now that they’ve always been used
throughout history since the dawn of civilization.
These are Machiavellian puppeteers, my friends,
and it is time to call shenanigans on their plans.

There are racist Europeans.
There are racist Africans.
There are racist Hispanics.
There are racist Asians.
There are racist Arabians.
There are bigoted extremists on every side of the ledger.
There are fanatics of every stripe and color.
But they are the fringe minorities…
though such niches do tend to screech the loudest.
It is the corporate media that works to spread the propaganda
that hatred is stewing and boiling
inside every neighbor’s heart and mind.
It is the foundationally corrupted institutions of government,
religion, and the university system that preach
the art of divisiveness and rancor amongst the many peoples.

The international banking cartels want cops killing citizens,
and they want citizens eventually retaliating
and killing random cops, as has begun happening
with increasing regularity recently.
The same bad apples who funded the earlier mentioned uprisings
are maneuvering to create such an atmosphere in America, also.

The Federalized Homeland Security War Machine of Nihilistic Death
that has been built up over the past decades
is armed to the teeth…just waiting
to swoop in as a savior
and restore the law and order
which the masses will be begging for
once the violence begins to rage out of control.
Any resemblance of remaining freedom is toast at that point.

So all you chicken shit cowards out there
who have bought into the bullshit divisive hype
and chosen to pick your side
based solely on the color of your skin…
well, you need to pull your heads
out of your asses posthaste
and start to speak out and spread the word
about the real dragon blood progenitors of these problems.

It’s not about black vs. white.
It’s not about brown vs. black.
It’s not about white vs brown.
It’s not about Christian vs. Muslim.
It’s not about crips vs. bloods.
It’s not about north vs. south.
It’s not about east vs. west.
It’s not about any of that petty shit.

It’s about the State vs. the Sovereign.
It’s about the money changers vs. the 99.9%.
It’s about the socially engineered decadent culture vs.
common human decency and natural law morality.
It’s about those who want you dependent on their crumbs vs.
those who want you feasting in proper prosperity.
It’s about those who fan the flames of hatred vs.
those who bring a message of righteous peace.
It’s about God vs. Satan…
and if you don’t understand that yet,
well, it is you, my friend, who are missing the plot…
so wake the fuck up and get your mind right,
because the Bad Guys are making their Big Push
toward the End Game,
and right now it ain’t looking too good on the streets.

Scott Thomas Outlar is a lover of truth and enjoys researching philosophy, psychology, politics, spirituality, and any other facet of consciousness in the pursuit of reaching a higher state of vibration. He also enjoys writing rants, poems, essays, short stories, and prose-fusion screeds covering such subjects. Scott Thomas can be reached at 17numa@gmail.com. You can also watch and/or subscribe to his YouTube Channel Read other articles by Scott Thomas, or visit Scott Thomas's website.