The Continuing Criminal Enterprises of the Rich-Corporations

everything from education to marketing, to social engineering to capturing money -- Madness Wins

I’ve been watching the news, reading the news, studying the news. I work by day, $18 an hour, as an employment specialist – working with adults with developmental disabilities. I know, I am not supposed to talk about low wages, with two masters degrees, and a shit load of experience teaching in prisons, gang programs, barrio programs, migrant worker programs, refugee programs, on military compounds, for academies, universities, colleges, even K12, and as a private contractor teaching businesses how to communicate, and, well, I was a full-time print journalist, radio show host and producer, activist, union organizer, dive master, and on and on and on. Try my hand at Vietnam? Here, an old piece at an old place I worked, Pacific Northwest Weekly Inlander: *****

I have hitchhiked from Nogales to Panama, and been in Baja as a bum, and seen the ruthless rule of Zionist-Judeo-Christian Law in several prisons as teacher.

You think any mayor or council or organization would have the chutzpah and guts to hire me on to really consult (work) and help change the broken system after system that is America, city to city, gleaming town to polluted metropolis?

I have won reporting and writing awards, and, alas, I am precarious, daily, with my clients, who live through fetal alcohol syndrome, autism, intellectual delays, Fragile X, Down Syndrome, and all sorts of co-occurring challenges that create a world that is as marginalized as people locked up for years in solitary.

Ya think I am not supposed to talk about my teaching at a Jesuit School, Gonzaga U, for, oh, about $10 an hour (after subtracting all the time spent in office hours and grading papers at home and talking with them on-line — the new at home slavery), while students pay $26,000 for a year’s tuition and board? Oh, how the tenured class, the Admin and Deanlets push lie after lie.

I was pushed out so many times because I went against the vanguard, the rear-guard, the guarded and the turncoats of society – middling folk who have banked on some little 401-k pension shit that will of course be gutted, soon, by the elite class, those offshore-loving, country-killing, labor-squeezing, death-expediting folk we call economists and Wall Streeters.

So, I know how tough it is to break into the HR class, into these huge corporations that will not hire, for 12 hours a week, minimum wage, folks who I represent through Oregon’s initiatives to employ first folks who have been sheltered, closeted away, pushed aside, housed, and institutionalized.

Read my past piece here:  Developmental Disabilities!

Moving on . . . . What we have is one yo-yo, schizophrenic series of reports, exposes, book deals, or vapid time on RT [really, Larry King . . . this is a white TV alternative (sic) network news (sic)]. I am seeing journalists and producerists telling us story after story, to, well, NO Effect! None.

Power is in the bowels of corporations, companies, boards, councils, politicians, and non-profits, especially the media, which has been bought up by Zionists and Sociopathic Atheists/Christians.

You can’t have perfection, and you have to bargain with the devil, pick the lesser of two or two million evils, and just understand the reality of politics. How many Fox News-CBS News-CNN-Local Yokel News consuming folk just talk this talk, every year, every election cycle, every rotten time a school bond comes up or some loud invented news item comes along the ticker of our football-pretentious TV junk science-junk journalism SCLM – so-called liberal media.

These are tough times calling for tough measures, so a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary, err, Bill, err, Bush or Reagan (is Ron Junior running yet, with Chelsea on the ticket?).

I have so many liberal friends who think Hillary is a cut above the Republicans and Bernie is a cut above Hillary. It’s a vacuum, or lobotomized America, bred on punishment, usury, the spectacle of soft shoeing Chosen Few entertainers, or educated by a cabal of psychologists and social engineers who have ghettoized the people of color, hooked the few chosen Goy to follow the neo-con, neo-liberal, oh so lying left wing of a society – ours – that needs implosion.

It’s this tap dance – Amy Goodman over at DN, or any number of Mother Jones-Nation-In These Times elites from elite schools with elite bank accounts and chosen parents delivering one story after another story on the hard times of the 6 billion people on earth who have suffered under economic-military-finance-insurance-real estate-IT-education-marketing-retail regimes run by a chosen fewer folks hoping to capitalize on every keystroke, every ball-bearing in the war machine, every breath and exhale, every calorie consumed-burned-harvested.

You see, this is the world of perception over substance, and consumerism over collective compassion and consciousness.

Consume. Buy needless stuff. Credit card and indulge those lizard parts of the brain for more-more-more. All executive functions of the brain chemically-culturally-psychologically hijacked by a disturbed society, a deranged education system, torture and torment spectacle of the unformed human.

This false flag, propagandized, militarized, social engineered, psychologically tweaked Amerika. Oh soft in the belly, HFCS, Monsanto guzzling, AM – MARE – EHH- CA. On the heals of labor day drinking and sales and service economy slavery, and then followed up with the big lie – the September 11, 2001 lie of passports falling from the sky in the Big Apple, like pennies from heaven. Larry Silverstein, here: ***  and ***  getting the inside track on insuring his billions a few weeks before Mossad-CIA-NSA boo boom boo of the WTC-Penn-Pentagon WTF kind.

Controlled demolition, controlled opposition. Funny how Amy-Soros-Goodman never has a 9/11 Truth panel on. Nor does the Jewish controlled local community radio station in Portland, KBOO. There are guys on that supposedly alternative radio show that sound like your mother’s Zionist. Never question Israel, or the Jews with Dual Economic Allegiances — these are people who think Amy Goodman is radical, off the mainstream. Dicey things going on in the Controlled Opposition, funded by the Huge CIA Funneled Foundations. There are hundreds that have been the heroes of economic hit men world wide for Zion and the New Eden. But for some real insider stuff, read about DN:

Serious questions have arisen about how Democracy Now!, begun and developed with the resources of Pacifica Radio and grants from the Carnegie Corporation, the Ford Foundation, the J.M. Kaplan Fund and others, suddenly became independent and the effective property of Amy Goodman without recompense to Pacifica. This transfer apparently included valuable assets such as trademarks, ownership of years of archived programs, affiliate station access, and more. In a contract that remains secret, Amy Goodman is also receiving $1 million per year for a five-year period that began in 2002, according to Pacifica Treasurer Jabari Zakiya, to continue doing what has become Pacifica’s flagship morning news program. This is more than double Goodman’s officially stated stipend of $440,000 per year from Pacifica Radio. Democracy Now! receives indirect funding from George Soros, and direct funding from the Ford Foundation, the Glaser Foundation, Soros’ Open Society Institute… – See more at: Boiling Frogs Post

That’s the money changer, capitalist, usury, rotten corporate fascist thing of things, now, the supposedly independent Democracy Now!

Okay, some interesting and good stuff can come out of the cash-cow’s mouth. Take it here, on a recent re-visitation of the NOL (Katrina) murder campaign by Bush and Company, those in and out of the Jewish elite.

$400.00 payout. Imagine, Hurricane Katrina – the massive orchestrated lies by the Army Corps of Engineers, the Mafioso politicians, crooks builders and engineers, the spineless planners and architects, the entire mess of New Orleans before and especially after the big storm.

Imagine, you pay to “You Are Good Hands with All State,” for decades, the drug-dealing scam of insurance, and, bam, entire systems fails, and you get that $400 check handed to you by White Imperialists and Zionists, because you are colored, person of the targeted class, punishment zones galore, gentrifying victims, endless levies, fines, penalties, taxes, fees, surcharges, over-charges, you get the ticket.

Black President in Office my Ass – visiting New Orleans for What? He is a broken vassal of nothingness, an Advertisement Cut Out Selling Purina or Drone or Toxins.

Say hello to a screwed up world, whether it is Detroit and the Money Changers there, or Chicago’s Jewish Don, Rahm, destroying blacks-blacks-Latinos-Latinas-All the Poor. Hunger strikes in Chicago, why? Why Amerika?

Black Agenda Report’s Bruce Dixon interviewed Jitu Brown, a member of the Coalition to Revitalize Dyett High School on August 26, 2015, the tenth day of a hunger strike staged by parents and community residents resisting the closing and privatization of their neighborhood high school and the intransigence of Chicago’s City Hall apparently determined to disperse and destroy their community and rebuild it for someone else.

BD — Why are parents and community people on hunger strike at Dyett School? What’s at stake for your families and communities?

JB — “We’re on this hunger strike because we’ve done everything else above and beyond what we should have had to do. Since 2009 we’ve come up with a detailed vision and plan not just to revamp Dyett High School, but to create a K through 12 educational system that makes sense for our families and communities. The official response has been ignoring us, lying about us, our demands and our community, hiring paid protestors to discredit us, just years of unbelievable behavior on the part of officials.

We’re not just seeing school closings here, we’ve seen the closings of hospitals and trauma centers, the elimination of grocery stores and more. We’re looking at a systematic disinvestment in our families, our youth, our elders, our communities. The struggle over Dyett school is the latest unfolding chapter in a decades-long effort to remove our people from those neighborhoods the gentrifiers, the privatizers and the profiteers now covet, and that our mayors and public officials want to give them.

NAACP, Black Congressional Caucus, Oprah, All Those Black Nike Athletes, Obama, Nation of Islam? Oh where oh where have all the brothers and sisters gone on this one?

Back to the NOL horror — DN with a real person, not elite!

WENDELL PIERCE: I remember the greatest crime that ever happened, I think, was 10 years ago, when none of the large insurance companies honored the homeowner policies. My parents paid Allstate for 50 years, when they moved into Pontchartrain Park in 1955 up to the day we evacuated, and we’re still paying after the flood, because my mother said it can burn down at any time. And for those 50 years of premiums, they received $400. They said, “That’s all we’re going to pay.” There was a lawsuit, a class-action lawsuit, years later that everyone participated in to try to get some sort of mediation, and we lost the class-action suit. So, all of those insurance companies that sold insurance to my parents for years, saying that “You will be made whole. Have some flood insurance, and along with your homeowners’ insurance, when you put them together, you will be made whole,” they only gave them $400 after 50 years of paying premiums.

This is how the country rolls, how the guts of capitalism spit out more poison by the nanosecond. Syrian mother and child washing up on Turkey’s soil, people who tried to seek asylum in Canada. Story after rotten story, and the media Goebbels machine churns out more tripe, the Daily Show har-har-har. What does Harper of Canada say? What sub-human is he and his fellow countrymen who would allow such crap?

He said watching all that misery in the world, around the refuges, around those wars Canada-USA-Nato-Australia-Zion-EU generated, all of that can make you go insane. If you care too much or absorb the enormity of all the world’s suffering, it can make you go insane? Wow. Prime Minister. Yet another Israel defender in office, like Obama, and President HRC, Ms. Clinton.

Everyone is a clown, it seems. Snarky, dead from the neck up, all those hours in the gym, finding new foods, new exotic locals for the primate brain to explode . . . I am seeing more and more clowns on RT, with Larry King and Jesse Ventura, and a whole cast of Catskills throwbacks commenting about the world to the world on more and more things irrelevant or irreconcilable. RT, the white species show. Doesn’t matter that it’s Russia Today.

Imagine the dissonance –Larry King (what?) – on his show interviewing another Jewish entertainer who has a new show airing on RT, and this har-har Henny Youngman laments that there is no viable black presidential candidate, while his RT gig, all white man’s burden, shines shines shines.

This is how this entertainment class rolls – or the media control all narratives, big and small, brown, white, black, Asian. It’s the most unbalanced sort of cabal, these so-called lefties, all white, many Jewish, all there, making a living and killing and publishing fame on the backs of people of color. They write and wax so prosaic, about the sins perpetrated against people of color. Imagine, the lack of people of color, the lack of first peoples, first nations, in their collective vacuum? Imagine how vacant this moralistic white liberal class-trash work their ticks and leeches and parasitic viruses.

It’s sort of funny how Democracy Now! is one escalator into the ether of bar mitzvahs. I am not surprised by the lack of people reporting and working on her stories, the stories so sacred to the George Soros liberals.

That is the story, no? Report on the buffoonery of Trump, the racism of the others vying for the black box and death codes, sure, think about it, though. There are no blacks or Latinos/as reporting the news, or so it seems on DN, the bastion of liberalness.

It’s emblematic of a racist and broken system.

A matter of just blocking it all out . . . . Seems to be where the controllers have the masses now, and even those who tinker with the idea of being “left” or “Liberal” on most things.

That Bezos of Amazon-WA Post or or Melinda of Gates Foundation or Soros of Fomenting War Against Russia or Murdoch owner of National Geographic. This is the time of quickening. Youngsters and their parents and the aged all bound up in the constipation of the billionaire class. All ready for fearful existences, broken by razed social security and by the felons of the medical mafia, or trembling because of the penalties, the renter class, the mortgage murderers — a society that shrugs at the cap on social security wages – make that $118,000 a year.

Imagine the toady Obama out of office . . . scam after scam, speaking engagement after speaking engagement. Not the great orator or communicator. One sorry ass Uncle Tom, really. What comes from his mouth is a C-minus freshman debate tryout.

Nothing like the cussing-racist-pugnacious Rahm, Son of Israel First, Mayor of Chicago Last, Friend of the Developers Second, Buddy of the Punishers Third, Financial Friend Fourth.

But the beat goes on and on, and 9/11 becomes clearer, the real face of Jews in Full Metal Jackets is out there but we are entertaining ourselves to death . . . that Drone Making Star of David, dual citizenship of the Finance World . . . those Fence Perfecting Orthodox Unbelievers of a Promised Land . . . Surveillance Genius Society of the Orthodox/Unorthodox bio-tech/nano-tech/agri-tech/pharma-tech/
algorithm-tech/marketing-tech/military-tech/medical-tech Bulldozers of Palestine

Test those drugs-chemicals-toxins-hazard materials soft shoe spinners of another economic intifada.

I have been wondering where those conversations have gone, in middle America, in elite America. Sometimes, just sometimes, I respect the Chem Trail Speculators, the so-deemed Conspiracy Nuts, much more than PhD Number 999,999,999. The Jolly Wonks of the NGOs/Non-Profits/Alphabet Soup Agencies, a la CIA and EU-Jewish-Australian-Canadian Hit Men. . . .

I have heard more sense coming out of artists of the tattoo kind, more thinking out of the prisoners of our time, more reality from the unemployed, the houseless, the cardboard carrying “Anything Will Help This Veteran” guy on the corner.

This punishment society, football vis-a-vis pig coaches, overpaid felons of the athletic class, these taken to the next level on these creepy digital games, these gamers and sneaker heads, all these dead-heads of the drive-through birth canal, these brunt of the Har-Har Chosen Entertainer jokes, the entire mess that is a retracting-devolving-detached-denatured humanity, created by the K12 Compliance Experts, this “you will be tased, killed, jailed, hounded, bankrupted, un-liked, disenfranchised” cabal of provosts running x y and z corporation.

The grammar of America is profits, boom-and-bust, PayDayLoan, empty streets, broken windows, demolished porch, socially engineered by an elite class and an army of privates pulling for the Super One Percent.

Meetings run by code enforcers, and offices headed up by insipid mayors-reps-boards.

Do as I say, and I will do whatever it takes to stash away the public coffers.

Then we have the rings-under-the-eyes bureaucrats, public servants, pushing the mush of an elite group who determine K12, Consumption, Culture, Who Wins, Who Loses. So many rules, regs, laws, and vacant ideas on how to heal-punish-sterilize society – all of us, but the most vulnerable first, more dramatically.

We are shadows, broken by stories, on all sides of the Media Madness Show. We put a step forward and slide hundreds of steps backwards. Foot on the neck, kick to the gut, right hook to the child and uppercut to the pregnant child.

We watch our lives ebb and flow and wane and rot via Zuckerberg, FU Book.

Zuckerberg Gains, But Ellison Still Wealthiest Jew (03/05/14)

Oracle’s Larry Ellison remains the world’s wealthiest Jew, placing fifth on Forbes magazine’s annual world billionaires list for 2014.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (ranked at No. 21) was the “biggest dollar gainer” on the list, with his fortune jumping $15.2 billion, to $28.5 billion.

Ellison (with a net worth of $48 billion) and casino mogul Sheldon Adelson (No. 8, with $38 billion) were the only Jews in the top 10 on the list released Monday.

Eighteen Israelis (up from 17 last year) were among the 1,645 billionaires, a number that is 219 more than in 2013. In addition, several of the list’s 268 newcomers — including Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Jan Koum of WhatsApp (which was just sold to Facebook) and sisters Aerin and Jane Lauder, heirs to the Estee Lauder cosmetics firm and daughters of World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder — are Jewish.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates topped this year’s Forbes list, with a fortune of $76 billion.

This is the capital of capitalism – brain rot and emotional denuding and no lack of attack on the commons. Zuckerberg hawking and throwing millions at The Lobby to get more High Tech-IT Engineers Overseas to Sea to Shining Sea on those Special Job Killer Visas.

Paul Haeder's been a teacher, social worker, newspaperman, environmental activist, and marginalized muckraker, union organizer. Paul's book, Reimagining Sanity: Voices Beyond the Echo Chamber (2016), looks at 10 years (now going on 17 years) of his writing at Dissident Voice. Read his musings at LA Progressive. Read (purchase) his short story collection, Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam now out, published by Cirque Journal. Here's his Amazon page with more published work Amazon. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.