The Break-in

At first sight all seemed right,
Slowly our ignorant veil lifted,
Shocking realisation
heart pulpitation
items overturned
the vomit of a broken nation
amidst robotic shock and awe
our raucous joy and laughter disintegrate,
First thoughts become inaudible hate
acceptance forced
broken glass blinding eyesore
your mouth a cave of expletives
too much to consider and digest
reality sets in
a frantic search of items
each discovery of loss
a heart forsaken mess,
Alas the haunting truth sets in
oh my God they’ve cleaned us out!
Initial shock disintegrates into fury keen
to punish and lynch the culprits still about
worse still consumed by anger and frustration
of a country embracing senseless crime
the people driven to despair
a broken nation
who to save us from a life of decay and grime?

Only they are free!

Further investigation becomes infestation
your body entombed in a lava glow
travel bags inside out
moneybags drained
bank cards withdrawn
emotions strained
laptops included
life’s memories looted
your soul disintegrates from disbelief
our lives punctured
how could this be?

Our hearts splintered
fellow citizens
battling to feel free
our land of sunshine darkening
the wave of crime crippling
our leaders incapable
vomiting political rhetoric
ordinary lives dismantled with grief
amidst the carnage and chaos
we remain faithful despite great loss
our humanity rising
above consuming darkness
Intentions questioned
concerns daily mentioned
all that remains is a collective sigh
emotions shattered in awe
for God’s sake strengthen the law!

Don Beukes is an ex teacher of English and Geography; born, raised and educated in Cape Town, South Africa in the last two decades of Apartheid. He writes about social injustices, politics, nature, the miracle of life, spirituality, womanhood, adoption, authoritarianism and many other themes affecting our global village. He hopes to inspire others to adjust their moral compass when necessary in an ever-changing global melting pot. Visit his web page to connect to his social links and explore his literary world. Read other articles by Don, or visit Don's website.