Pan Africa

Pan Africa by Jeromyah Jones
I cook omelettes that look like homeland,
Turkey ham on burners that are red again.
Morning eggs stayed yellow as they should,
In my pan they tanned black as they could!
My pockets remind me how far green can be,
Land so serene in these dreams I see.
I’m in a country of right wings and leftists,
But on that day I ate a continent for breakfast.
My silver spatula felt like gold,
And I was fed from my stomach to my soul.

Jeromyah Jones is a visionary for justice, a writer of truth, a painter of life, and a poet of love. He is a 2011 graduate of Hampton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Comprehensive Art. Jeromyah’s work has been featured in numerous art exhibitions including he and his father's show “The Art of Father and Son As One” at Capital One (2009) and The Black History Museum and Cultural Center of VA (2011), a solo exhibit of landscapes at Maymont Park for the 100th Anniversary of the Japanese Garden (2012), “Prophecy Makes History” at the Hampton University Museum (2013), and the 2015 Trumpet Awards Soulful Ending Celebration. Read other articles by Jeromyah, or visit Jeromyah's website.