Mr. Future President

Mr. Future President, you will be a puppet
of the corporations that bought you.
Not just you, Mr. Right-Now candidate,
prepping for your run.
Every wanna-be “leader” then and next
is and will be bought and paid for.
There are many options to you, Mr. Future President.
If you need that commercial to run at dinnertime,
support Monsanto.
Buy your children organics the rest of us can’t afford,
while ours get cancer from the processed food.
Of course we can’t afford the treatments
because some Mr. Future President was courted
by Glaxo-Smith Kline for that ad online.
The one with the picture of him and puppy he didn’t keep,
Need a billboard, Mr. Future President?
Contract with Pearson’s standardized test products.
Throw another public school teacher under the bus,
Send your children to private schools.
Shame the rest of America for not working hard enough.
Oh, what’s that?
A gallon of gas just went up seventy-five cents per gallon?
Oh, you’re very clever, Mr. Future President…
What if you want to dig up scandal on an opponent, you ask?
Find the biggest corporation you can find. Tell them you’ll let them
fuck the rest of us as long as you can live in that ridiculous white thing for a while
(but please don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll have power, as those who bought you
will be making the decisions).
They’ll give you their money.
You’ll give them your country.
You bastard.

Jessica Wiseman Lawrence is disgusted by the lax gun laws in the US. She really did buy that blanket for her daughter. Her upcoming chapbook titled "Terrible Little Stars" further examines such issues. Read other articles by Jessica.