Intermezzo in the Inferno

Sometimes so much electronic data has been configured and processed from keystroke to platform software (one used to say “ink spilled” but we already have a generation that has probably never seen ink, and certainly not in fluid form) that the written equivalent of a shout is necessary. When the chattering becomes loud enough, one can scarcely avoid the breach of good manners by yelling “shut up!”.

European mass media is broadcasting in every form the language and images designed to inflame the “white” population about a massive influx of refugees, mainly from the Middle East. The fact is that NATO (for reasons of simplicity the designation of the military arm of the US and EU) has been engaged in non-stop war south of the Alps since 1990 when the decision was taken to destroy Yugoslavia. Refugee flows are a natural product of modern war with its integrated paramilitary terror campaigns. The current flow of refugees is the direct product of the expanded NATO war in North Africa and the Middle East. This is not an accident– it is a natural reaction.

In Germany, for instance, the mass media is echoing the government’s estimate of some EUR 10 billion for absorbing the current refugee intake. Let’s put this in context: in 1998! one McDonnell Douglas F-15 cost between USD 28 – 30 MILLION. Today a German “Eurofighter” costs approximately EUR 68 MILLION with all the trimmings. Germany has about 224 Leopard battle tanks at USD 5.7 million a piece = USD 1,276 million, not counting operating costs (ammunition). You can do the maths.

If there was any genuine concern for the refugee flow, the easiest way to solve the cash flow problem would be to scrap the equipment used to destroy the homes of people worldwide (here by destroying the economy and abroad by blowing up schools, water supplies, electricity generators and the rest of the infrastructure– not to mention the people.) That is obviously too much to ask.

However, we should be spared the hypocrisy and mendacity of politicians– from right to sort-of-left– who tell us just how expensive the refugees will be. In fact, this is chicken feed– or if it really were, that would be edible.

The “real fear” that has been spread like the plague is the fear that a massive injection of viral Islam would destroy European Christianity. The last time Islam caused panic in Europe was 1529 when the troops of the Ottoman empire laid siege to Vienna. They were beaten back. However, if one considers that “Christian” armies had been waging wars of plunder and pillage throughout the Middle East for the previous four hundred years– ostensibly for the glory of god (and the Roman pope)– the forebearance of Islam is truly astounding.

Never mind the dubious value of Christianity for a moment. Europe would never have been christianised without the sword and the Inquisition so if that is something of which to be proud, then at least the absurdity of comparing refugees from the Middle East and North Africa with the armies of Suleiman the Magnificant ought to be obvious.

Another “threat” that has been spread about at low, but effective, intensity is that of Islamic terrorism. It is truly amazing that despite ample evidence that a) the radical right is saturated by the secret services to the point that it can only be called their civilian auxiliary b) the so-called Islamic fundamentalists, i.e. Al Qaida, ISIS, et al. are without exception wholly owned subsidiaries of the US and UK foreign intelligence services and c) Israel created and supports both on its own behalf and in cooperation with the US et al. ostensibly Islamic terror organizations– that anyone should still be confused. The so-called Islamic terror– from Afghanistan to Benghazi and from Sudan to Syria (not to mention the US exclave in Kosovo) is reconstituted secret service/special forces product.

In other words there are no new terrorists on the way. They are already here and have been working for a government near you.

What appears to be escalating and accelerating is what has been politely called a “global Phoenix program”. This is the ultimate permanent war against civilian populations. There are three fundamental components: covert terror largely perpetrated by paramilitary forces, psychological warfare using mass media to manipulate target populations, and a military screen. What we see is the military screen, e.g. Turkish, Israeli, other surrogate forces. Their job is to tie down the national defense forces and conceal the truly vicious business of terrorising the local population with paramilitary forces and other psychological tactics. Since the European working classes (including those who have forgotten what the term means and that it applies to them too) are part of the target population, psychological warfare measures are crucial.

All of this discussion, deceit and the real fact of forced removal of ordinary populations throughout the combat zone (as opposed to the war zone in which we all live) is managed and manipulated to keep Europeans in the dark while reminding them for propaganda purposes that they are “white” (Christian).

It will take extraordinary energy, concentration, clarity and above all a sense of humanity to withstand this assault on the human race by the psychopathic class (most Western corporate and government leaders and the really rich).

One bit of advice remains in the face of putative impotence. It is not “Christian” but some Christians might have heard it: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Everyone of us has to strain her or his ethical capacity to imagine: what would you expect and want those people to do to you if you had been driven by war and terror to their doorstep? If you think your government has the answer to THAT question, you have no one but yourself to blame.

Dr T.P. Wilkinson writes, teaches History and English, directs theatre and coaches cricket between the cradles of Heine and Saramago. He is author of Unbecoming American: A War Memoir and also Church Clothes, Land, Mission and the End of Apartheid in South Africa. Read other articles by T.P..