Twittersod and America’s Corpocracy and Endless Warring

I conceived of “twittersod” a few years ago as a possible means of mobilizing millions of activist tweeters to “save our democracy” from two powerful elements of America that are making life miserable and worse for humanity.

One is America’s corpocracy, about which I have written extensively. Big corporations rule our government, not the reverse. Big corporations continuously commit wrongdoing that harms people sometimes in dangerous and deadly ways yet escape accountability because their, not our, government maintains a hands-off policy toward them. Their government also gives them handouts totaling billions of dollars yearly that could otherwise be spent to rebuild America and reverse her “sadtistics” (e.g., high rate of poverty).

The other is America’s endlessly warring and spying, about which I have also written extensively. America is viewed by the majority of world opinion as the greatest threat to world peace. In numerous countries the U.S. currently is waging covert and overt military interventions, bullying, bombing and killing people. Escalating blowback from people in those countries is inevitable.

Twittersod has been relatively dormant since its inception. I have decided now to activate it for what might seem a futile effort but one I think worth trying; that of seeing whether America’s leading politicians can be persuaded to free our government from corporate control and to start making peace rather than war.

There are 50 some million active tweeters in America, and I would guess that several million of them are suffering from and/or disgusted with America’s current socioeconomic conditions and are worried about escalating blowback from enemies America’s military interventions are creating. What might happen, I wondered, if millions of those disgusted and worried tweeters tweeted President Obama, leaders of Congress, and presidential hopefuls on the same day with the same message?

So I am now in the laborious process of tweeting to as many activist organizations and individual tweeters as I can with this request:

Pls tweet 9/7 to Pres Obama leaders of Congress and presidential hopefuls this message:

PeopleNotCorporateRule; PeaceNotWar R U w/us or against us?

I ask all readers to tweet the above message on this Labor Day, 9/7/15, and to tell their colleagues and friends to do the same. Here are the tweet addresses for POTUS and some others:  @POTUS; @SpeakerBoehner; @McConnellPress @HillaryClinton @JebBush @GovChristie @BobbyJindal @RepPaulRyan

Our public leaders will not be responsive unless they get an avalanche of tweets. If readers know of ways to increase dramatically the number of twitters to be contacted, please do so.

Gary Brumback, PhD, is a retired psychologist and Fellow of both the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science. Read other articles by Gary.