The Privilege of Manifest Destiny

Destiny is unstoppable as the truth always reveals itself regardless of anyone’s preferences; while maintaining silence would yield yet more blasphemy espousing nonexistent societal virtues paradoxically derived from the excessive advantages for a few.

It’s not enough that Privilege eats better and is materially well off; Privilege must watch others struggling and starving, enabling others so licensed to misinterpret their ordinary selves as superior and enlightened human beings.

Who owns the earth? Survival of the fittest is but a false promise being served as gluttony while selfishness sentences human existence to the dustbin of extinction. Who but God, whether conscious or unconscious, will own the earth then?

If not God, who should inherit the earth and for whose purpose would it then serve? Self-appointed supremacists long ago arrested human advancement with systemic usury while always finding a way to enslave the newborn.

Who really owns those enslaved and why does anyone’s life belong to someone else? As Life was gifted through the act of creation itself, it was then stolen by a succession of illegitimate privileges passed from one generation of oppressor to the next.

Do tell us Privilege, how you made yourself so grand. Did you create and instruct your ancestors specifically to provide your advantages? Did you create our social economic system allowing you to exploit everyone and everything – epitomizing ungodly ways?

If it’s true then, that you created yourself to benefit yourself, then you must be God, or one God of many? What exactly prompted your choices as to where and when you’d be born? How is it you didn’t select ancestors to deliver you into an even greater self-importance?

So it’s all just the luck of the draw then, as no one ever truly makes themselves. Manifest destiny created and sharpened your ability to perpetuate inherited exploitation. It’s now clear Privilege, that your kind has been delusional since the very beginning…

In the last seconds of human survival, will you now accept responsibility for your mindless pursuit of material wealth and the cavalier destruction of life as exchanged for your personal benefits and glory? And because you had the right to choose a personal destiny that consequently affects all Life, why didn’t you choose to spare Life from your self-fulfilling suicide?

Mark Weiser was thrown into this world without any say as to when, or where, and to whom he would be born. He says his story is the same as all others in that respect as we all come from this same earth and began the same way. There is absolute truth in all matters among human kind, even if it’s that truth we’re afraid to acknowledge or don’t yet know. The truth where he's concerned is preferable to anything else; it’s where his search began and where it never ends. Read other articles by Mark, or visit Mark's website.