The Great Purge

An appetizer:

I find the very notion
of any form of governance
based upon a system
of hierarchical control,
be it democratic or otherwise,
to be completely repulsive,
repugnant, and antithetical
to natural law and basic human freewill.

Broccoli and cheese soup:

What was it Gandhi said?
“To change the world
one should enter into a booth
and cast a vote upon an electronic Diebold machine
that is controlled by the very fascist interests
who already have their puppets in place
throughout every corridor of public influence,
and who have already chosen behind closed doors
the candidates whose names are represented
on said rigged device.”

Breadsticks and butter:

No, wait, what that dude actually said
was much more simple.
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Meat and potatoes:

In a certain sense,
from a detached state
of pure Buddhist observation,
I find it somewhat amusing
how every few years
new Pied Pipers, false idols,
and purported God-Men and Women
are strutted out in the public sphere
and pumped up by the corporate media
to give false hope to a populace
that is understandably fed up
with the status quo of the declining culture.

From a more down to earth,
of the flesh, living in the midst
of the chaos point of view,
I find it terrible and horrifying
that the masses continually
fall for the same old song and dance routine
over and over and over again.

After dinner coffee:

I find it absolutely disgusting
how so many Republicans and Democrats
line themselves up blindly
behind their respective political party
and defend the crooks and criminals
on their side of the fence
from the very same atrocious behaviors
that they rail against
when committed by members on the opposite side
of the two-party, broken eagle system.

I find political ideologues
to be far more dangerous
than religious charlatans and evangelists,
mainly because spiritual institutions
do not (in America, at least) have the authority
to control, tax, imprison, and dictate corrupt laws
upon individuals, while governmental institutions
do assume such an implied authority,
which they are very happy to implement
using the force of guns, courts, and metal cages.

Strawberry shortcake (with vanilla ice cream):

The system in place is intrinsically flawed
at its very core
because it operates from the absurd notion
that majority opinion trumps individual sovereignty.
It is not necessarily true
that the mob is always wrong,
but as a rule of thumb
you can pretty much take it to the bank
that 99% of the time it is.

Voting a new President into the oval office
is not going to solve the problems
that the corporate crony fascist government
of the American Empire
has created around the entire planet.

Bernie (the socialist) Sanders is not going to vest away power
from the Federal Reserve, IMF, and World Bank.

Donald (the toupee) Trump is not going to end
the meddling influence of the Military Industrial Complex
in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, and elsewhere.

Hillary (the sociopath) Clinton is not going to take on
the AMA, Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Monsanto.

Jeb (the nepotist) Bush is not going to turn his back
on generational ties that connect U.S. foreign policy
to the reprehensible Saudi Arabian royalty.

It’s simply not good enough
in this day and age –
when all the information needed
to wake up and become self-actualized,
fully alert, and spiritually autonomous
is readily available
to anyone who knocks at the door
and seeks to find the truth within –
for any person to pretend as if they are
actually part of the solution
just because they cast a vote,
got a shiny sticker, pat themselves on the back,
and now act all smug because they chose to play along
inside the comfortable boundaries of socially acceptable behavior.

If you want to see change start to take place
then look yourself in the damn mirror
and come to the realization
that your political hero of the hour
isn’t going to be the one to initiate it…
You Are!

If you want real change
then stop buying into the empty promises of hope
proclaimed from wolves in sheep’s clothing,
stop playing the games
that the current structure dictates the rules to,
stop eating the foods
that wreck your DNA and cloud your mind,
stop taking the drugs
that suppress your immune system,
and stop giving your time, money, and energy
to the very forces
that created this mess to begin with.

If you want change
then change yourself first
by cleaning up your own soul,
then you’ll start to realize
that no politician espousing a political platform
is going to swoop in from the sky as a savior
and do the job for you.

If you want change
then quit projecting outward
and start doing some serious shadow work within.

Post meal bulimic purge in a dirty D.C. bathroom stall:

That pretty much says it all.

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