The Bees

The bees are disappearing.
The bees are the subject
of online petitions.
You don’t hear the media
make much of the bees.

The bees are turning up dead,
yellow-black husks
dusting the countryside
like pollen, the air robbed
of their buzzsaw noise.

In another lifetime, the bees
will return to acknowledge
the salutes of stamen. The bees
will extrude sun and sky
as a bee the size of a factory

descends on Monsanto.

Neil Fulwood has published three collections with Shoestring Press, ‘No Avoiding It’, ‘Can’t Take Me Anywhere’ and ‘Service Cancelled’. A collection of political satires, ‘Mad Parade’ has just been published by Smokestack Books. Neil lives and works in Nottingham. Read other articles by Neil.