Janet Yellen About to Destroy Hope for the Working Class?

Somebody’s gonna hurt someone,
Before the night is through.
Somebody’s gonna come undone,
There’s nothin’ we can do.

— The Eagles, Heartache Tonight

Most Americans are unaware that unemployment does not occur by chance, but is manipulated by those who run the country on behalf of the ruling plutocrats and their corporations.

Unless millions of people are kept unemployed, wages will rise, so the psychopaths who rule do not allow anything approaching full employment.  I say psychopaths because they claim to be intelligent and informed people, so one would assume they know that keeping unemployment high results in massive suffering — hunger, homelessness, the world’s largest prison system and other horrors for the masses.

To accomplish this, propaganda is foisted upon the multitudes from womb to tomb.  Mainstream “Journalists” reporting economics issues report from the position of the rapacious capitalists for whom they toil, so that all corporate “news” reports are largely echoes of the others.  No public interest voice is heard from any of the hundreds of cable TV channels, where most people get their news.

Our government is getting ready to act because there is fear in the nation’s corporate suites that workers may be about to get jobs.  There are no employment figures to support that this is happening, mind you, just apparent speculation that it might happen, and under no circumstances are the working class allowed to get fair pay in the Land of the Free.

A poll of economists by Reuters last week predicted that the Federal Reserve will likely be raising interest rates twice this year, with the first one coming next month.  This is to head off any chance that desperate workers may get jobs should the predicted opportunities arise.

Average wages have declined since 1973, so one might think those who run our government would not deem it a crisis when people begin to get jobs or modest pay raises.  Most working class people have not yet recovered financially from even the 2008 recession brought about by the greed of banksters, who were bailed out for their failed scams by our government, even as the same government let millions of their victims go under, losing millions of homes and millions of jobs.

When interest rates go up, as is predicted, businesses can’t afford loans and capitalist owners or managers begin to lay off workers.  This adds to our current massive army of unemployed and damns opportunities for pay increases.

The propaganda part of it is that this act by The Fed is necessary to head off inflation.  To arrive at that conclusion is to make the working class responsible for the economy, with no responsibility going to the wealthy and corporate executives.  Inflation is not caused by the workers.  It is caused by management, who are the ones to raise prices, but this may as well be TOP SECRET in the Land of the Free, where the working class are punished to slow inflation.

The assumption, in our system, is that workers may not be allowed to make fair wages, and plutocrats may not be forced to take less profit for themselves.  It doesn’t matter that corporate executives make millions of dollars, or that the plutocrats make billions in profit.  The system defends, at all costs, against a billionaire having to make do with say, one yacht fewer than a hundred, even though he can only sail one at a time.  This is why the workers are about to get screwed, big time.

Unemployment numbers are always purposefully phony to protect the wealthy and their corporations from having to pay fair wages, essential toward maintaining our plutocracy.  The current stated 5.3% unemployed is just a fraction of the real rate.  Even billionaire Donald Trump, while running for president, admits it is more likely 18-20%.

We currently have millions of workers who’ve quit looking for jobs and are not counted as unemployed.  Tens of millions work at part time jobs while wanting full time work and are not counted as unemployed, even if they only work as little as an hour each week.

Homeless people, people in our world’s largest prison system, and others without a phone number are not counted at all as unemployed, because they don’t get surveyed.  These are among the biggest victims of American capitalism.

Our citizens will not be told by the corporate media that Europeans are not raising interest rates so that they can maintain a higher living standard for their own working class.  Without information control in the USA, there would be a revolution overthrowing our corrupt and shameful government.

We of the social justice movement have got to get around the mainstream press and arm citizens with facts necessary to promote a democracy in place of the current plutocratic oligarchy.

Jack Balkwill is an activist in Virginia. He can be reached at libertyuv@hotmail.com Read other articles by Jack.