Have a Good Day!

Have a good day! Yes.
and a good night, too.
But shadows crawl across
the floor. Somebody,
anybody, close that door!

Lo, it is all happening
in our lifetime! No way,
you say. Doom would not
dare to take us by surprise.
To catch us unaware.

But one by one the animals
withdraw. When janitors
sweep up their shadows
who will remember, who
will know? They slip away

until Last White Rhino stands
balanced on a ball, on the Mall,
for all to see. The slow leak
you hear is like a sigh that seems
to whisper Good night. Goodbye.

Jon Swan is the author of three collections of poems. New and selected poems can be found on his website. Jon and his wife, Marianne, live in Yarmouth, Maine. Read other articles by Jon, or visit Jon's website.