We are Children

We are children
We go to our schools,…
hop in the parks,
play with our play stations and,
get amused by blowing air into the balloons
We watch animated movies and cartoons
And fall ill with our craving for
Chocolates and potato chips,
but still, we never give up
We are stubborn,
we fight with each other,
and reunite
We want to see this world,
with our own eyes
just like our dreamland
and have an iron will
to change it when we grow up

We are children
The softness of our hands,
Blow life in the listless plastic stuff
and the feel of our tiny kisses,
enlivens even the sternest of the faces
We are children
we don’t know anything
about Heaven and Hell
but, this world is no less than
a Paradise with our presence

We are children
black or white,
yellow or wheatish,
we are the same
We belong to the entire world
In the schools in Pakistan
we are killed in the name of God
as a consequence of seeking knowledge
Volleys of shots are let loose
on our flower like bodies
our books and notebooks cannot be our shields
We are nothing but an item
for some lunatics in their frenzied dance of death
in the educational institutions of Russia and America
We get buried under tons of rubble
by the aerial bombing in Palestine
In the bomb blasts occurring
every other day
on the streets of Iraq and Yemen
our bodies scatter here and there
in shreds
and our vital organs linger
in choked trash bins
Playing with the land mines
in Afghanistan
we get blown away just like that
We get killed everywhere
Our blood is the same,
pieces of our flesh are the same,
our tears are the same,
we lisp the same way,
our kisses that were slain,
are the same

We are children
we are alike,
from inside and outside
We have no country, no god, no belief
of our own
Ours is the country
where we are born
We go after the faith
of our mothers and fathers
Our god is the one
which comes in our mini-thoughts
Our god is innocent and small,
just like us
who cannot even think of killing us
We are children
Hell is far beyond our imagination
we have a world of our own
our own Paradise
Don’t get us into this
labyrinth of Heaven and Hell

We are children
And let us be children
We can overpower the world
with our toy-guns
don’t shoot us with the real guns
We are the Heaven,
What other Heaven you want to buy
by killing us?

Naseer Ahmed Nasir resides in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. His poetry has been translated into various international and regional languages, and he has several poetry collections to his credit. He has also been editor of an Urdu literary magazine Tasteer. Read other articles by Naseer Ahmed.