The Popular Hymns

Above in the sky
a great refulgent floats
exposing the flashes of mild smile
and also the shedding of hidden tears,
below the jumping feet
a vast marshy land lies
swarming in playful lives
participating in hide and seek
with two contradictory questions,
‘’Where to hide in the light?’’
But they are hidden at last,
‘’How to seek in the darkness?’’
Surprisingly all are sought out
and accepted as the instances
of happiness and sorrow
as per their length
of sun-bound outstretching arms
and their over or under stepping feet
remembering the popular hymns
of swinging from one branch to another,
hanging with a big bee-hive,
swimming along with a vegetarian whale
and floating on the grace of God
making the choice-making unabated
as these are wished by the capricious heart,
governed by the skeptic brain
and sometimes polished by
the gold-plated brush of the old-aged soul.

Pijush Kanti Deb is an Indian poet whose poetry has been published in numerous national and international magazines and journals. His collection of poetry Beneath the Shadow of a White Pigeon was published in February, 2015. Read other articles by Pijush Kanti.