Psychopaths, Prepare your Doors!

As the planet prepares
To self-destruct with:
Global warming, droughts,
Monster storms, fracking,
Oil spills, species gone extinct,
More coming, starvation, forest fires,
Causing global instability
But yet on CNN
Global leaders agreeing
To reduce greenhouse gases by 90%
By the year 2050
One politician said it would
Have been nice to have done this 30 years ago!
The sheer arrogance of the global elite
As if they can negotiate with mother earth?
The planet will correct itself,
As it has in the past and will again
We have not been good stewards
Greed poisoned the minds
Of the elite, addicted to greed,
Psychopaths their dealers
Spreading war, genocide, murder,
Preparing the final solution
White lines drawn
The culling has begun
The élites know what must be done
Survival of the richest!
Let the cleansing of the poor begin
There will be much gnashing of teeth
Earth can no longer sustain us all
The global royalty
Made plans for mass extinction
Of all undesirables…
Futuristic nightmares,
Fast becoming a reality
Universal charter of rights
Is now null and void
They misunderstood mother earth, and
They misunderstood the proletarians
We will overcome these atrocities
And will restore democracy
The time for action is now, comrades!!
This is planet earth, not corporate earth!!
Hold the line, hold the line…

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.