Is the Grim Reaper Lurking in Your Burger?

Savory burgers, plump and juicy, are sizzling on the grill.
Don’t they smell delish? Grab a plate, c’mon get your fill.
Ever wondered what’s in your burger? Here’s the scoop:
your beef patty is laced with penicillin, pesticides and poop.

78.6% of ground beef contains feces, says the FDA,
and, warns USDA, it has drug and pesticide residues too.
Not Big Ag, not Uncle Sam is looking out for you.
You’ll eat crud and like it, or not; you’ll get no say.

Enjoy your luscious burger, it’s hot and freshly grilled.
Put mustard or ketchup and a slice of tomato on it.
Munch it down, then another, eat until your belly’s filled.
With luck, you’ll not get cramps, the runs or have to vomit.

Are we unwittingly committing incremental suicide
by steadily ingesting penicillin, poop and pesticide?

Floyd D. Anderson lives in Brockport, New York, and can be reached at Read other articles by Floyd D..